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How to cook dried asparagus at home


Typically, housewives whole grown or purchased crop of vegetables are subjected to various methods of preservation, usually with vinegar and salt. It is not always beneficial for the body. The method of drying natural products allows not only to avoid the use of preservatives and high heat treatment, but also to preserve as much as possible all the useful substances. Dried asparagus is also subject to the general rules of solar products.

The specifics of drying at home

Asparagus or asparagus is considered one of the most useful vegetable plants. Its shoots contain a large amount of vitamins: A, E, C and group B. In addition, it contains a lot of trace elements. This property was noted in antiquity. There, this vegetable was served on the table only to highly-readable people. She prepared the Egyptian pharaohs and Roman patricians.

In the modern world, vegetables are very popular in the Mediterranean countries. There have accumulated a lot of recipes for its preparation. In addition, the Europeans laid the tradition to dry asparagus. Dried in this way retains all its useful qualities in full. She kept for 2-3 years. Asparagus is especially useful for those who care about their health. It has a diuretic effect plus low-calorie.

After washing the vegetable, let it dry on a towel.

You can dry the vegetable in all available ways. To do this, sprouts need to be washed and put on paper towels. After the towels absorb all the excess moisture, the plant is cut into pieces 3-5 cm long.

The specificity of drying is that it should be done without haste. Only under this condition will it retain all available useful properties. It should be clarified that we are talking about green asparagus (or asparagus). The so-called soy asparagus, has nothing to do with vegetables, this product, which is popular in Eastern cuisine, is made from soy milk.

This is a photo of soy asparagus, do not confuse our natural green vegetable with it.

The length of the cut pieces depends on the method of drying. If the drying temperature is not high, then it can be cut into small pieces. At high temperatures, it dries more and loses much in volume. In this case, it is better to cut the pieces longer.

Ways of drying vegetable

There are several types of drying: in the oven, in the electric dryer, in the open air or in the microwave. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In the oven

The process of drying in the oven allows you to save a significant amount of vitamins. In just three to four hours you can get a useful product. The oven is heated to a temperature of 100 degrees. Then there is put asparagus laid out on pans.

Spread the washed asparagus evenly on a baking sheet for further drying.

After a set time, the trays are pulled out, and the vegetable is given half an hour to cool. The disadvantage of this type of drying is that in exceptional cases the asparagus can simply be baked.

In the electric dryer

Modern electric dryers are devices designed specifically for drying various products. For example, the VOLTERA 1000 Lux dryer is truly a magic wand for housewives. It has a number of significant advantages.

First, the process of cooking a product requires a minimum of time (only a few hours). Secondly, you can dry in any weather. Thirdly, this type of drying is considered the most hygienic and avoids contact with insects.

Drying vegetables in an electric dryer is most convenient. It is compact and has several tiers. In addition, its functionality allows you to adjust the temperature at any time. The only disadvantage of this method is the financial cost of buying the dryer, but, as they say, "it's worth it."

In the open air

Drying asparagus outdoors under the influence of sunlight will require a long time. And not the fact that the vegetable dries evenly. Also the disadvantage of this method is the inability to predict the weather forecast in advance. It may well be unfavorable for drying, and asparagus may even rot. It is better to dry in warm sunny weather. Then the moisture will evaporate faster and the vegetable will not rot. Drying in this way is possible without constant monitoring, this is one of the advantages of this type of drying.

Microwave Drying Recipe

The microwave is also well suited for making dried asparagus. It will dry out due to the penetration of microwaves into the product. Under their influence, the vegetable is heated and loses moisture. For uniform drying, the plant must be cut into small pieces.

The plant will dry evenly if cut into small pieces.

Also, during the process itself, they should be mixed at regular intervals. Drying in a microwave oven requires little time, which is very convenient.

How to properly store and cook dried asparagus dishes

It is preferable to store drying in places inaccessible for penetration of moisture, well-ventilated. When storing it is advisable to avoid contact with odorous products. You can choose a variety of containers, ranging from cardboard boxes to glass jars. If the product is stored in the home, then the best fit glass or tin containers, tightly closed. Various insect pests can enter loosely closed containers. The shelf life of dry asparagus is only two to three years. After this period, it begins to lose its taste and beneficial properties.

Vegetable asparagus and meat stew

Dried asparagus is an excellent option for people who support a healthy lifestyle. It can be used for cooking, both the first and second courses. Soups, various stews, omelets - this is just an incomplete list of dishes that can be prepared with this product.

In conclusion, I would like to note that dried is not at all inferior in its usefulness fresh or frozen. The process of its preparation is not so difficult. To dry the vegetable according to the strength of any hostess, you only need to choose an affordable method of drying. Even in the absence of professional electric dryers in the house there is either an oven or a microwave. In extreme cases, you can dry on the windowsill. As a result, a healthy, nutritious, low-calorie, and healthy dried vegetable will be at hand at any time of the year.

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