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The best types of sideratov for potatoes


To obtain a good potato harvest, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the soil and fertilize it in time. Modern industry produces for this purpose a large amount of chemical fertilizers, only after their use, the crop will no longer be environmentally friendly and safe. In order to enrich the soil with useful substances and increase its fertility, but at the same time not to conflict with the ecology, it is necessary to sow potatoes between the green manuretahs between the rows of potatoes.

What are the green mans for potatoes

Green mans refer to natural fertilizers. After their planting, the soil is plowed up, as a result of which the green mass is in the ground. There, it begins to decompose, resulting in the release of beneficial micro and macro elements.

During the season, you can significantly increase the stock of humus in the upper soil layer.

In addition, the top layer will be enriched with the necessary elements of the potato, such as:

  • potassium
  • nitrogen;
  • phosphorus, etc.
After landing a prerequisite is to control their growth

Required control the volume of growing greensbecause if there is a lot of it, it will no longer be decomposition, but souring of plowed vegetation. This can lead to the multiplication of pathogens.

Green mans not only fertilize the soil and fill it with essential nutrients. They also help get rid of the most common diseases and pests that affect potatoes.

How to prepare the soil

Siderats, like any culture, require preliminary preparation of the soil before planting. After harvesting, the land is leveled using a rake or other tool; nitroammofosku (at the rate of 10 liters per hundred).

If the acidity of the soil is high, you can make a little the lime. Strongly dry ground must be watered before planting green manure. For these purposes it is better to use a shower head. Only after that you can proceed directly to the sowing of seeds and their embedding.

With increased acidity, it is necessary to lime the soil before planting green manure.

How to make

Time for planting sideratov is selected depending on the purpose for which they are brought to the site. If plants are designed to repel pests, then seeds can be sown. right in the aisle. In this case, you will need to cut them periodically to prevent the seeds from ripening.

Sowing sideratov spring carry out immediately after the snow melted.

They must be quite cold-resistant, because by the time the potatoes are planted, these plants are already cut. Autumn sowing involves treating the soil and enriching it with useful microelements for the future season. All necessary measures are carried out after the harvest has been gathered and the site is completely free.

Why make spring

When sowing green manure in the spring, potatoes will gradually receive nutrients from their decomposition throughout the entire growth period.

Sowing is done immediately as soon as the snow melts and the earth begins to warm up. Cultures must be cold resistant.

Sideratov planting is done after the snow

In the spring it is very good to sow such plants as:

  • mustard;
  • rape;
  • rye;
  • oats;
  • phacelia

You can also use siderats that will grow along with potatoes, enrich the soil and deter pests.

They may be:

  • leguminous plants;
  • calendula;
  • nasturtium.

Can I plant in the fall

If the soil did not manage to fertilize in the spring, then it is quite possible to do it in the autumn, thus taking care of the future harvest.

Autumn planting of siderats will not only fertilize the land, but also suppress weeds, promote soil saturation with oxygen, reduce the number of pests.

When calculating the sowing time, it is necessary to consider that before the onset of frost, the crops must have time not only to rise, but also to grow. Otherwise, they can not be used as fertilizer.

Most often, as autumn siderats for potatoes use such plants:

  • mustard;
  • radish;
  • oats;
  • alfalfa;
  • phacelia;
  • rape.

It is especially appreciated. white mustard, because it has the property to grow rapidly even at low temperatures. But oats can later not be cut, and planted potatoes directly into it. The dried plant in this case will serve as mulch and protect the crop from the negative impact of the external environment.

How to choose

A key criterion when choosing siderats for potatoes is the general condition of the soil. It should be loose, with a sufficient amount of minerals, without pests and diseases.

Unfortunately, one type of plant is often not able to solve all the problems. To do this, use combinations of several plants.

In order to increase the fertility of the soil and its fertilizers are planted in the place of potato growing legumes. They relieve gardeners of the need to use fertilizers of inorganic origin and saturate the earth with all the necessary trace elements.

In the fight against pests (wireworm, phytophthora) well helps mustard or colza. But to scare the Colorado potato beetle is good to plant flax.

Siderata also help cope with the main weeds. To do this, sow on the site buckwheat, nasturtium, radish, clover, alfalfa.


Which siderat better for potatoes

This is not to say that a particular green manure is suitable for potatoes better than others. Each plant performs its function, so it is best to combine them when sowing and make a mixture.

However, there is a universal option - phacelia. It is frost resistant, quickly gaining green mass and is capable of providing good air permeability to the soil. That is why this plant has gained immense popularity among gardeners.

Can it be planted if the soil is infected with pests or fungus

In no case can potatoes be planted in contaminated or diseased land. Before you land, this area must be to treat. DO NOT rush and resort to chemical treatment. Siderats can come to the rescue.

Natural healers can serve:

  • radish oil;
  • white mustard;
  • rape;
  • rape.

These plants not only heal the soil, but also rid of peststhat are in it. In particularly contaminated areas, seedlings can be left between the rows. Thus, the phytosanitary will perform their work throughout the season.

Types for potatoes


By right, legumes are considered to be one of the best siderats that have the ability to saturate the soil with useful microelements.

It is worth paying attention to Vika. This is a curly annual, which not only prevents soil erosion, but also significantly improves its structure. Well proven in neutral soils.

A plant like clover can not only improve the structure of the soil on the site, but also help in the fight against the nematode and wireworm. Thanks to a powerful and extensive root system, it has the ability to extract useful substances from the very depths of the earth.

It is best to plant in the fall and leave the plant for the winter. So the maximum effect will be reached.


Cruciferous is used not only as a natural fertilizer, but also as soil treatment. They help in the fight against viruses and pests.

Most common in this group white mustard. It tends not only to quickly build up the green mass, but also to loosen the earth, improve its structure. After mowing, it is an excellent fertilizer, and in the process of growth it protects the area from weeds.

No less deserving of radish oilseed. Thanks to a powerful root, the plant loosens the soil well, helps retain moisture, destroys pathogenic microbes, and fights fungal diseases well. It tends to inhibit weeds. When decomposed, it forms a large amount of nutrients.


As sideratov cereals are very successfully used.

Rye attracts the attention of gardeners due to cheap sowing material and low soil requirements. When decomposed, it forms a large amount of organic fertilizers, however, it cannot fix nitrogen in the soil.

If used as a green fertilizer oats, then it can be replaced with one crop of 200 kg of manure per hectare. This plant can improve the structure of the soil, helps in the fight against weeds, nematodes, fungal diseases, scab, root rot.

Can phacelia be sided

Phacelia has very short gestation period. The plant loosens the soil well, while decomposing it enriches it with nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, and is able to inhibit the growth of weeds.

Thanks to these properties, the plant is widely used as a siderata. It tolerates frost fairly well, which makes it possible to get several harvests per season. Green mass can also be used as animal feed.

Advantages and disadvantages

Siderata among gardeners called green fertilizer. This is no accident: these plants when plowing into the ground act like manure, peat or other organic fertilizers. When they decompose, a mass of beneficial micro and macro elements are formed, which are so necessary for the full growth and development of potatoes.

Some siderats can not only fertilize, but also heal the soil, and also scare away the most common types of pests.

Do not use sunflower as a siderata for potatoes. This plant in the process of growth itself consumes a lot of nutrients, and its coarsened trunk decays very slowly.
Sunflower can not be used as a siderata for potatoes

There are probably no negative aspects of using such fertilizers. With the exception of the fact that the process of their cultivation itself requires some material costs and the investment of its own forces, labor. And the growth process takes some time, so you need to be patient and wait until the green mass increases.

When using green manure for potatoes, it is possible not only to increase the yield of the plot, but also grow environmentally friendly product. After all, natural fertilizers are absolutely safe for the human body, which is not the case with chemical analogues.