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Planting and growing potatoes using Chinese technology


Cultivation of potatoes is not limited to the traditional method of planting in the soil, periodic weeding and waiting for the harvest. In vegetable production, a great many successful methods of cultivating potato crops have been used for a long time, which do not require the maximum expenditure of time and effort. One of the most popular today is the "Chinese" technology of planting potatoes. It provides an opportunity to grow a rich harvest in a short time on a small plot of land.

Is it true that the Chinese from the tuber get a bucket of potatoes

It's no secret that the Chinese people do not have vast territories. In this regard, the gardeners of this country successfully cultivate potatoes in small plots, and the yield is not inferior to that of other nations, but from large areas.

The secret lies in the special technology of planting, in which for the growth of the bush is required fill the ground under the root. At the same time, the “Chinese” method involves abundant fertilizer.

If all the procedures are followed and the weather meets the climatic norms, then in the end you can get a generous harvest. From one tuber Chinese get one bucket of potatoes.

The yield does not depend on the size of the potato, but on the number of eyes on it. The more of them, the stronger and more fruitful the bush.
Productivity directly depends on the number of eyes on the tuber

Chinese way of growing

Increasingly, articles appear on the print media and on the Internet with descriptions of how to plant vegetables using Chinese technology. The most popular is the method of growing potatoes. It is understandable, because in our country, this culture is recognized as the main among other vegetables.

To get a lot of tubers from one must follow the basic rules of the Chinese. Before planting potatoes in the ground it cut into pieces and allowed to germinate in a bright place.

After a certain time, the tubers placed in deep holes with harvested fertile soil.

The essence of the method consists in the following, from the moment of planting and practically before harvesting, it is necessary to pour the earth under a bush.
From the moment of planting and before harvesting it is necessary to pour the earth under a bush

Thanks to these actions, accelerated growth of the upper part of the plant occurs. It allows the tubers to actively develop and reach large sizes.

Another important rule is generous fertilizer.

Already by the autumn the harvest from one potato will be from 20 kilogram and even more, depending on the care and climatic conditions of the region.

How to grow potatoes in Chinese: instructions

In order to harvest a good crop, you need to perform a series of actions inherent in the Chinese method of cultivation of a crop:

  1. Take a potato and a sharp and clean knife cut in twoso that each of the parts has at least 4-5 eyes.
  2. The prepared material should be placed in a warm and bright place, where they will spend at least 30-35 days until the first sprouts appear.
  3. In the garden, choose the place where the holes will be dug. The depth of each hole should be 50-60 centimeters. The perimeter of the pit is recommended to leave within 70x70 centimeters. The soil at the bottom must be well plowed, and then poured on top of a half-bucket of former manure or compost. It is also recommended to add a handful of ash and superphosphate fertilizer. The resulting ingredients are mixed.
  4. In the prepared hole, at the very bottom, plant sprouted potatoes. In one hole - one tuber. Top need to pour warm water. The distance from the landing to the surface of the earth should be about 30 centimeters. The remaining fertile soil, after digging out the hole, is not thrown away, but as the plant grows it is filled back.
  5. After the appearance of foliage above ground level by more than 15 centimeters, start pouring land under the bush. This is the main secret of Chinese technology. The fertile land is covered with a layer of 10 centimeters. Because of this procedure, tops begin to reach for the sun and actively grow. As soon as the foliage grows another 15 centimeters. The procedure is repeated several times a season, until the pit is completely filled.
According to the method, the tubers are planted to a depth of about 60cm
To improve the yield it is necessary to fertilize potato bushes with bird droppings diluted with water in the ratio 2: 1.

Watering plants is not necessary, but for good growth you can do it. once a week. Flowers that appear on the bushes, it is recommended to cut off, as they take away the power of the potato.

What are the main differences of this technology from the rest

In addition to the technology of growing potatoes in Chinese, there are many other methods that differ from those described above:

  1. Potatoes in a box. Used mainly when it is necessary to harvest early. To do this, the tubers are planted in early spring in boxes with the ground and store them before planting in the ground at home. From time to time, the soil in the tank is loosened and watered.
  2. In the straw. The essence of the technology is that potatoes planted in the ground are covered with a layer of straw. This allows the plant to become stronger, increase yields and harvest earlier than usual. This method was the first to appear in gardening hundreds of years ago and was developed by the famous vegetable grower Rytov.
  3. Under the hill. Another method that increases productivity. When the first shoots appear, a hill is formed around them with a shovel. The system allows you to accumulate moisture and does not allow the weeds to grow. which contributes to the healthy development of the roots.
  4. In bag. The way Rytov saves space or helps to grow crops where there is no garden. In plastic bags filled with fertile soil, then planted potatoes and hung on the veranda or put in a comfortable, but always bright place. A plus method is that you do not need to dig a crop. You just need to cut the bag and collect new tubers.
Thus, gardeners can choose for themselves a convenient way of planting potatoes, depending on the needs.

If you have a strong desire increase yieldthen the Chinese technology of planting culture is recognized as the best for today.

The method does not require a lot of effort and a lot of time, and the results are guaranteed to surpass all expectations and delight with a large number of potatoes.