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6 simple ways to dry it at home


Drying is considered the best way to harvest mushrooms. Dry mushrooms do not lose taste. They are fragrant. Dishes from them are more beneficial for people than harvested in another way: pickling, canning or salty. You need to know how to dry the mushrooms at home and preserve the beneficial properties of the valuable protein product.

Specificity of drying mushrooms

Collected autumn harvest of mushrooms must be prepared. The process is simple, but you still need to know how to prepare them in order to get high-quality raw materials in dried form.

For drying it is better to use young mushrooms

The preparatory stage consists of the following points:

  1. Be sure to sort out the crop and re-sort. If worms or false mushrooms get in the basket by accident, they are thrown out. It is better to get rid of old overgrown copies.
  2. Clean cut mushrooms from dirt and debris using a damp cloth. If there are a lot of mushrooms, the cloth is periodically washed with water.
  3. Separate the hat from the legs with the help of a knife. For cooking mushrooms for the winter, caps are more often used.
  4. If desired, you can dry and legs. To this end, the legs are cut into small pieces in a length of 2-3 cm. To quickly evaporate moisture, the legs are cut and lengthwise.
Important! Mushrooms before drying do not wash, so as not to saturate them with excess moisture and not to delay the drying process.

Dried legs again become hard. Therefore, it is better to turn them into powder, grinding in a blender or a coffee grinder. Get mushroom powder. It is fragrant and gives the first and second courses amazing piquancy.

Methods of drying experience

When drying mushrooms are used in different ways. To do this, use of household appliances:

  • an oven;
  • microwave;
  • electric dryer;
  • convection oven;
  • Russian stove.
It is better to dry only the caps again.

In addition, dried on a string and above the stove.

Oven Drying

Dried mushrooms in the oven is not easy. The process is long and requires attention. It is necessary to ensure that the mushrooms are not baked in the process.

The drying process is as follows:

  1. Turn on the oven and heat it to 45 ° C.
  2. Spread prepared mushrooms on a wire rack or on a baking sheet in one layer.
  3. Place the mushrooms for 4.5 hours in the oven to evaporate moisture.
  4. Keep the oven door ajar to steam out.
  5. Raise the temperature in the oven to 80 ° C.
  6. Dry until ready with the door ajar, stirring occasionally.
  7. Check often willingness experience. Dried mushroom is elastic and easily bent, but does not break. Keeps color and aroma.
Tip! If the oven with convection function, the door does not open.

Microwave Drying

Residents of modern apartments can carry out this procedure in the microwave. The process is not very convenient and requires constant monitoring. The product yield is small. Before loading into the microwave, the mushrooms are slightly dried in the sun. In rainy weather, an additional lamp is used.

Slightly dried honey mushrooms are placed in a microwave oven, pre-spreading them on a dish in a single layer. Readiness is checked like this: fingers crush a larger mushroom. When juice appears, the drying procedure is repeated. If the mushrooms are not pre-dried, a lot of liquid is released. Liquid needs to be drained, change the set mode. This is very uncomfortable, requires a lot of attention.

Dried mushrooms in the microwave for 20 minutes at a given power of 100-180 watts

Drying in the dryer

A good way to prepare for the winter is again - drying in an electric dryer. Mushrooms prepare - sort, clean, separate the legs from the caps, cut large specimens into pieces. Drying can be done in a VOLTERA 1000 Lux dryer.

Prepared mushrooms evenly in one layer are distributed on the grates, put them one on another and turn on the device. Dry for about 6 hours at 50aboutC. The instructions for the dryer describe in detail the process of drying different products, you need to read the instructions.

The drying process is very convenient and fast, does not require much work and attention from the hostess

Drying on a string

Still used the old way - dried mushrooms on a string. The method is very simple, no cost.

You need to have on hand:

  • ordinary needle for sewing;
  • thick thread or fishing line.
Needle mushrooms are strung on a string or string in the form of beads.

It is necessary to ensure that there is a gap between them for better ventilation. Strung placed in the sun. They are heated by sunlight. They should blow the wind.

You can use the balcony. Build a squared rack frame with taut threads and place it on the window sill. The drying time will increase in this way. It depends on the weather, humidity and air temperature. For a week you can manage.

When rainy weather mushrooms are entered into the room, so as not to deteriorate. Protect gauze from flies and insects.

In the Russian stove

To dry in a Russian stove it is heated well. The coals are removed, the pipe is closed with the view, the mouth is covered with a damper. After 2-3 hours under the oven is completely cleaned.

Harvesting is as follows:

  1. Mushroom raw material is laid out on the trays, baking hats to the bottom. Bricks are installed in the furnace, baking trays with mushrooms are installed on them in order to avoid contact with the hot hearth.
  2. The stopper closes the mouth of the furnace, leaving a finger-width slot for air circulation.
  3. Mushrooms are periodically mixed.
  4. Drying takes more than 8-16 hours. If the mushrooms are large, sometimes you have to additionally dry with the next firebox.
  5. So that there is no excess fragility, mushrooms pulled out of the oven cover with gauze and allow them to settle.
The temperature in the furnace should be 60-70 ° С

In convection oven

The drying process in the convection oven is fast. So that the moist air could go out, a skewer is inserted into the body of the device under the lid. The speed is set high, dried for about 1.5 hours at a temperature in the range of 60-70 ° C.

Over the stove

The method of drying over the stove is as follows:

  1. Mushrooms to prepare and strung on a fishing line.
  2. Set above the slab to a height of 70-100 cm.
  3. Light the burners.
  4. For three days, the burners are working and the mushrooms are drying. Cooking is not engaged, so that they are not soaked with foreign smells.

This method is not convenient. To him resort in rare cases. Regardless of the method of drying again, get a delicious product, not inferior to fresh raw materials.

Mushrooms stored in a closed glass container

For storage of dried raw materials use fabric bags, paper bags or glass jars. Store in a ventilated area. When creating good conditions, they can be stored for 3 years without loss of taste and useful properties. Dried mushrooms diversify any dish: salads, soup, and second, sauce and caviar. It is a delicious filling for baking and dumplings. We also offer to read how to cook chips from vegetables at home.