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7 simple ways to dry oil at home with step by step instructions


Butters are especially good when fried with potatoes. The soup of these mushrooms has a special smell and fat. In different regions of Russia, they were dried by strung on rods or threads in a Russian stove. Harvesting mushrooms in the future man taught nature. Dried by the sun and wind, they remain edible, retain all the nutrients. We offer you ways to dry oil for the winter at home.

The specifics of drying boletus at home

Small butter mashes are dried completely, and large caps and legs are cut into small pieces or plates.

Masyata contain a large amount of protein and vitamins. Dried mushrooms retain all the vitamins and natural taste. The flesh is fleshy, juicy with a lot of moisture, for this reason they dry longer than other types of mushrooms.

The mushrooms brought from the forest are sorted out, thrown out spoiled, wormy. Then large maslava cut into thin pieces. Cooked to dry mushrooms do not wash, so as not to add excess liquid. From the oil can not remove the skin. Clean mushrooms from debris with a soft cloth.

Properly dried bolettes have a subtle mushroom flavor and are light brown or gray.

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Methods of drying oil for the winter

Traditionally, in the countryside, mushrooms are dried, spreading on the surface of a wooden board or tray. A container with blanks is carried out to the open air and installed in a shaded place. Products covered with gauze can be dried in direct sunlight. In the village in the summer you can often see trays and trays with dryers on the roofs of low outbuildings. Also, do not forget to get acquainted with the original methods of drying potatoes, carrots, peppers and asparagus.

Oven Drying

In order to ensure a more uniform drying, the pallets with boils periodically change places, and the mushrooms themselves turn over

Drying in the oven occurs due to the movement of hot air streams inside the oven, steam escapes through the holes provided in the rear wall of the device. Manipulation is carried out in several stages:

1. Maslata cut and lay out a thin layer on the grid (baking sheet);

2. Lightly sauté in the oven at a temperature of 40 - 50 degrees;

3. Increase the temperature to + 70;

4. The temperature is lowered to + 40 and dried.

Oven drying is a long process. The complexity of its implementation is the need to maintain a certain temperature. The way to cook in the oven is good because it allows to process a large amount of the product in a short time. The baking trays installed in several rows as the dryers are ready are rearranged above, their place is taken by new trays with sliced ​​mushrooms.

Microwave Drying

Since the caps absorb water very quickly, it is not recommended to wash the mushrooms before drying.

The microwave quickly evaporates moisture from the mushrooms. Cut the workpiece set in the microwave, then select a temperature of 100 degrees. After about 15–20 minutes, the stove is interrupted and the door is opened to remove steam and condensate. Manipulation is done several times until the product is completely ready. This method does not enjoy popularity for several reasons:

1. the drying process is long;

2. the hostess must be constantly present in the kitchen to control the work of the appliance;

3. the volume of the microwave does not allow to prepare a large amount of the product;

4. If the door is not opened on time, the dried mushrooms will be wet again.

Drying in the dryer

Harvesting mushrooms in an electric dryer VOLTERA 1000 Lux is the most profitable way. Drying takes place by heating the air inside the unit and removing the vapor through the vents.

The whole process takes from 120 to 360 minutes. Butters cut, evenly fill them all tiers inside the dryer. Then expose the temperature regime + 50 degrees. No more manipulations from the hostess are required.

Drying on a string

The main thing is that the mushrooms on the "beads" are not located tightly to each other

Oil can be harvested by stringing on threads, like beads. Drying occurs due to the ventilation of the air indoors. This method does not require special equipment and special skills from the hostess. It is enough to have a strong thread and a gypsy needle.

Large boletus cut into slices. Each fungus is pierced in the middle with a needle and a thread is drawn through it. Mushroom beads are hung next to the stove in the kitchen. Moisture gradually evaporates. Drying, prepared in this way, retains all the vitamins. The process of drying on the thread does not require much effort, the product itself gradually reaches the desired condition.

In the Russian stove

This method of drying oil was used by our great-grandmothers.

The heated masonry keeps the heat for a long time. Delivered products were dried under high temperature. Steam went through a specially left gap between the flap and the wall.

Drying occurred as follows:

1. mushrooms laid out with a cap down on a metal sheet (baking sheet), or put on skewers, skewers;

2. placed in a heated furnace so that the products do not touch the brickwork (hearth);

3. the bower was closed with a damper, leaving a gap for ventilation;

4. Mushrooms removed when the oven has cooled.

Store dried mushrooms in glass jars under tight-fitting lids

Maslata, some time after drying, kept covered to eliminate brittleness. Undried mushrooms brought to readiness after the next heating of the stove. The method of drying vegetables, mushrooms and berries in the Russian stove is almost forgotten, even in the countryside they have not been preserved. It will be interesting to learn how to cook chips from vegetables at home and fragrant garlic.

In convection oven

The device was not provided by manufacturers for drying products, but can be used for this purpose, if you ensure the outflow of steam. For this purpose, the aerogrill cover is left ajar, securing it with a metal object (skewer, spoon). Mushrooms are distributed in a uniform thin layer inside the device. Set the temperature to 60-70 degrees and turn on high speed. Maslata dried in 1, 5 - 2 hours.

Over the stove

Before you turn on the gas, you need to firmly fix the mushrooms on the structure for drying

Dried mushrooms occur due to the movement of heated air. Products to be processed are placed above the stove. They can be mounted on hanging bars, skewers. On the stove at this time you can not cook soups and boil water. Turn on all burners on medium heat. Bring mushrooms to complete drying.

Dried mushrooms are stored in rag sacks or in glass jars. The shelf life depends on the degree of drying and storage conditions. Dried boletus is suitable for cooking soups and main dishes from 12 months to several years.