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Description and characteristics of tomato variety Fatima


The variety of these tomatoes is considered popular with most gardeners. Even a beginner summer resident can grow them. The variety is obliged by the appearance to the Russian experts of selection who for the first time opened it in the twenty-first century. According to the characteristics and description of Fatima refers to early ripe tomatoes.

Description and characteristics of a variety of tomatoes Fatima

Large-fruited tomato belongs to the early varieties, well cultivated in unprotected soil. Sprawling shrubs reach height 60 centimeters, but they are not counted as standard ones.

Fatima is a hybrid plant, possesses the analogue of F1 of the same name, characterized in that it is classified as a medium-early tomato and diluted in greenhouse conditions.

Tomatoes are not susceptible to late blight disease, as well as other diseases. The yield of culture is excellent. Fruits of large size, pink shade, differ in a heart-shaped form, each weighs 300-400 grams. The consistency of tomatoes is fleshy, the taste is sweetish.

Fatima has a fleshy consistency and a sweetish aftertaste.
Tomatoes of this variety are almost cracked.

Chambers in the tomato is not too much, dry matter is on average. Mature fruits are stored for a long time. They are used for salads, sauces, tomato juices and canning.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most important advantages of this tomato are:

  • size of ripened fruit;
  • excellent taste and product characteristics;
  • universality in application;
  • good disease resistance;
  • excellent yield.

Disadvantages gardeners not notedthat allows him to take the leading places in the beds for several years already. From planting seeds to fruit ripening required up to three months.

The plant is considered thermophilic, requires a sufficient amount of sunlight.

One of the advantages - the weight of fruits of Fatima can reach 400 grams

Sowing rules

Tomatoes Fatima grow well in any region of Russia. Seeds should start sowing in March. Before sowing, seeds should be pre-processed in a one-percent manganese solution. If seed is stored for more than one year, then it is recommended to soak them in heated water for several hours before processing.

This tomato variety does not need to be staved, but the bushes need to be tied up to supports.

Purchased planting material should not be handled, as this can only harm their germination.

For planting should prepare the soil composition, which is used garden land. It contains many pathogenic bacteria and other harmful parasites. To get rid of them, the soil must be disinfected by steaming. The soil is loaded into a colander, kept for ten minutes over boiling water.

Prepared land is poured into the landing tanks, they arrange five-centimeter furrows. In the hole is laid on a few seeds, the distance between them - about two centimeters. After sowing is completed, the furrows are covered with earth and shed water.

Fatima variety seeds

Transplantation of tomatoes in open ground

This event is allowed to proceed in the beginning of May. If you plan to grow tomatoes in greenhouse conditions, the seedlings are transferred in the middle of spring.

A couple of days before transplanting, seedlings need to be treated with special stimulating compounds. These include Immunocytofit, Epine. The use of such funds will significantly accelerate the development of young bushes.

Almost all tomatoes are planted in the ground, containing a huge amount of nutritional components. For this reason, before transplanting seedlings, beds are processed with mineral compounds. In most cases used compost, phosphoric or potassium humus.

The soil on the beds in advance loosening centimeters fifteen in depth to get rid of the formed peel.

Seedlings transplanted into small holes, the depth of which is no more than 15 centimeters. Landing are on the "forty-fifty." Seedlings deepened at right angles. If the bush is different in height, then immediately should be installed near the support peg for subsequent garters.

If a bush grows big, it needs a garter

Care after transplant

Like all other plants, Fatima's tomato bushes need courtship. Bushes will develop poorly in too dry ground, so watering have to perform regularly.

If cloudy days prevail, this event should be organized once a week. For hotter and more sunny days, the interval between waterings is reduced to two to three days.

Several times during the growing season tomato plants need feed up. The first time such an event takes place ten days after transplanting seedlings into unprotected beds. For this purpose, special formulations based on mullein, nitrate and superphosphate are used.

Among other things, the land between the bushes must be periodically loosento provide oxygen access to the root system. At the same time, weed vegetation is removed.

Diseases and their prevention

It has already been noted above that late blight this tomato variety is not terribleYes, and other diseases, the tomato is excellent resists. But if suddenly trouble happened, it is recommended to treat the bushes with a special fungicidal composition. Any insecticidal drug will protect against harmful parasites.

Harvesting and storage rules

With proper care Fatima yield reaches 10 kg per sq.m.
If the right care is organized and the weather is favorable for the growth of tomatoes, then the yield can reach 10 kg per square meter of planting.

You can start cleaning in late July - early August. Tomatoes are removed from the bushes as they ripen.

Considering the fact that the fruits practically do not crack, they can be kept fresh for a long time.

Subject to all recommendations, Fatima's tomatoes will delight you with a rich harvest of fruits of excellent taste. They can be used not only for personal consumption, but also for sale. Plants are unpretentious, the beginning gardener can quite be engaged in their cultivation.