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Detailed description and characteristics of a variety of tomatoes grandmother's secret


Despite the fact that the tomato Grandma's secret is relatively new, he has already attracted the attention of many gardeners. After all, it is distinguished by high yield and easy courtship, thanks to which even beginners can cope with this variety. A detailed description of the characteristics of this variety, you will learn from the article.

Characteristics and description of the variety Grandma's Secret

Tomato Babushkin secret developed in Siberia and entered into the State Register in 2007. Since it is considered an indeterminate variety, the height of the bush reaches 180 cm. The powerful stem with a small amount of leaves ends with a fibrous rhizome, which grows strongly to the sides. In order for a plant to grow normally and receive useful elements from the soil, it needs a large area. Due to the fact that the stem has few leaves, the crop ripens more evenly.

Tomato Grandma's secret is a real gift for gardeners, because fruits can be collected as early as 110-115 days after seed germination. Each bush produces about 8 fruitful shoots with 3-5 ovaries.

You can grow this variety in a greenhouse, on the street or in a greenhouse, but in the latter case the fruits will grow slightly lower.
Tomatoes grandma's secret

Since the best yields can be obtained indoors, the Grandma's Secret tomato can be grown in almost any locality.

Fruit Description:

  • round shape, slightly flattened on top;
  • pinkish hue of the skins;
  • weight of tomatoes - 300-600 g;
  • the pulp is sweet and meaty.

The purpose of the variety is salad, so it is recommended to use these tomatoes fresh.

The advantages and disadvantages of tomato

Gardeners who are engaged in the cultivation of this variety, note its pros and cons. The main advantages include:

  • increased yield - up to 17 kg;
  • large fruit sizes - with proper agricultural technology, the size of tomatoes can reach 1 kg;
  • long fruiting;
  • pleasant taste.

The disadvantages of the variety include cracking fruits caused by high humidity. Also, the tomato Grandma's secret practically does not tolerate transportation, and during growth on the street is sick.

The big fruits of tomatoes Grandma's secret

Planting seeds

Sowing seeds for seedlings can be started in the first part of March. This will require turf ground, which is pre-mixed with sand or humus. It is also permissible to purchase ready-made soil that has an optimal nutrient composition. Planting in peat tablets is good because in the future it will not be necessary to pick the plants.

Before sowing seeds, they should be processed in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, or in solutions such as "Appin" or "Zircon", which prevent possible infection.

In the prepared seedling box, they make grooves 2 cm deep, 2 cm apart between them, which are then poured with warm water from a spray bottle. After the seeds are laid out in the grooves, they are covered with earth, and then the seed boxes are covered with a thin transparent film. When 2 leaves appear on the surface, the seedlings are transplanted into separate cups, for which it is best to use peat pots.

Despite the fact that the tomatoes are well tolerated pick, it is recommended once again not to injure their rhizome, so as not to slow down its growth. If you use the peat pots, then you can repot the tomatoes in the ground without getting them.

Tomato seeds grandma's secret

Plant transplant

Before planting seedlings in the greenhouse, the plants need to harden. To do this, at the end of April, in warm and sunny weather, you need to take out boxes of seedlings on a balcony or street.

No less important is the preparation of the soil in the greenhouse. At first, several beds are formed in it, the number of which directly depends on the width of the greenhouse. It is necessary to prepare beds for 7 days before planting in the ground. The distance between the rows should be 65 cm, and between the holes - 75 cm.

Sawdust and humus should be added to the ground before planting at the rate of 1 bucket per 1 m² of land. After that, the soil is spilled with a hot solution of weakly pink potassium permanganate, which will disinfect it from possible diseases.

Tomato seedlings are transplanted to the greenhouse at the age of 50 days. The soil for this time must be prepared.

When planting seedlings, sand and a pinch of fertilizer are poured into each well.

Transplantation in open ground

Tomato growing conditions

Watering seedlings is carried out regularly, but you need to ensure that the soil was not high humidity, which contributes to the cracking of fruits and plant diseases. The best option is considered watering 1 time in 5-7 days. To prevent high humidity, it is imperative to loosen the soil. This can be done with the help of window vents, which should be located not only on the end walls, but also on the roof.

No less than watering, important and dressing tomato Grandma's secret, which are held 3-5 times during the growing season. You can make organic fertilizers and mineral-based supplements that alternate with each other.

Since the bushes of tomato Grandma's Secret are very tall, they are tied to a trellis or ropes immediately after planting, and the plant must be formed into one stem. For maximum yield, pinch a growth point at the desired height.

Since the tomato Grandma's secret grows in a greenhouse, for the fruit to appear, it is necessary to artificially pollinate its flowers. To do this, they need to gently shake in sunny weather. Immediately after pollination, it is necessary to water the soil and lightly spray tomato flowers. After a few hours, it is necessary to lower the air humidity in the greenhouse, for which it is necessary to open all the vents.

If everything is done correctly, then it will be possible to harvest the crop until the most frost.
Tomato grandma's secret on the bush

Disease and Prevention

In order to prevent the occurrence of diseases in the tomato Grandma's Secret, which is grown indoors, it is necessary to pay special attention to the preparation of the soil before planting seedlings. It must be disinfected with potassium permanganate or biological preparations.

There is also a large number of modern biological products that protect tomatoes from diseases and pests. You can purchase them, as well as get advice on the application, in specialized stores.

The development of diseases can provoke:

  • too thick landing;
  • pests;
  • weeds;
  • high humidity
Spraying tomatoes against diseases

It is rather easy to cope with these causes, which will prevent tomato diseases such as powdery mildew, phytophtora, and spotted mosaic. When diseased bushes appear, they should be immediately removed from the beds and burned to prevent further infection.

Tomato Babushkin secret is not in vain popular with gardeners, because even a novice can easily cope with it, having achieved high yields. It is enough to comply with all the agricultural practices of its cultivation and it will be possible to enjoy tasty and large fruits before the onset of the first frost.