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How to quickly and tasty to cook dried and dried cherry tomatoes


Tomatoes - one of the main vegetables that are used for many dishes. A special sort of tomato is cherry. They are characterized by a delicate structure, a sweet aftertaste and of course a small size. These features made this type of tomato popular. Of these, you can make a delicious billet - dried cherries.

Specificity of cooking dried cherries

This is a special product that is used alone in the form of a snack, or for cooking delicious dishes. The first attempts to wilt them appeared in the Mediterranean countries, and were crowned with success. Fine recipes were quickly learned by the most popular cuisines of the world: Italian, French, Spanish.

Dried miniature tomatoes have a delicate taste, especially if you use scented herbs and spices when cooking

Sometimes two methods of cooking are confused - drying and drying. In fact, these are not identical technologies and the final product turns out to be different. Dried vegetables are obtained by drying and compulsory regular ventilation. The vegetable is not completely deprived of moisture, it remains as if it has subsided. When drying, the moisture evaporates almost all. Dried vegetables are cooked in closed containers.

For the preparation of dried cherries should pay attention to the fresh vegetable. Tomatoes should not be very mature. Otherwise, when cooking, they will darken and will have a completely unappetizing appearance. It will take fleshy fruit, but in which less juice. To get the right dried tomatoes, you should properly prepare the vegetables. Wash thoroughly and allow to drain. At the same time try to crush the fruit less so that they remain elastic.

Before cooking, remove the seeds and juice from the fruit.

There are several ways to cook dried cherry tomatoes. In principle, at home it is easy to prepare a delicacy. But they will be more like dried ones. But it will not spoil the taste.

The usual devices and methods are used. The most common is an oven, gas or electric. With the advent of new items of kitchen appliances, such as the slow cooker, the preparation of many dishes was simplified. Even dried tomatoes can be cooked in a miracle technique. But not only the slow cooker can cook tomatoes. Even more correct is to use the dryer for vegetables. You can also resort to the traditional method and get a delicacy by drying in the sun. But it is important to monitor the condition of the fruit and repel insects in time.

Basic devices for cooking dried cherries

There are several ways to cook dried cherries. it remains only to choose the best.

How to cure cherry in the oven

This is one of the easiest and fastest cooking methods. After the preparatory stage (wash, dry, cut, remove seeds and juice), proceed to the main. Put parchment or baking paper on the baking sheet. On a baking tray, carefully lay out the halves of the fruit cut up. You can not fear that the vegetables touch, because when drying, they quickly decrease. Sprinkle with a mixture of spices, sugar and salt on top. For a delicate and subtle taste, Italian herbs or similar spices are used. All ingredients mix in equal portions.

"Baked" tomatoes in the oven at a temperature of 90-100 degrees for about 4 hours

One of the main ingredients for these tomatoes is olive oil. Before you put the baking sheet with fruits in the oven, they should be sprinkled with olive oil, and no other oil should be used. When using the oven, it is important to constantly monitor the product, so that the tomatoes just wither and not dry. In the end, you should get a gentle soft fruit, not dry, but without excessive juice.

How to cure cherry in the dryer

Dryer - the perfect device for the preparation of dried vegetables and fruits. Temperature and time are set automatically. For the preparation of dried tomatoes use the standard program in the dryer VOLTERA 1000 Lux it is 60 degrees. Drying time is usually 4-5 hours.

It is also convenient to use the dryer in that it is possible to prepare a large portion in one go, as several tiers are used.

How to dry cherry in a slow cooker

Cherry tomatoes can be withered in your favorite multicooker. But in this case one portion will turn out, since the bottom of the bowl does not allow to lay out a lot of fruits. But if you want to surprise guests with a Mediterranean delicacy - a great option. The temperature is set either manually or an automatic program is used, for example, languor or quenching. The main thing is that the temperature does not exceed 100 degrees.

How to wither cherry in the microwave

Even in the microwave, you can quickly make this snack. Put prepared fruits on a plate. Do not cover the lid, otherwise it will turn out to be stew. Set the maximum temperature. Time is needed from half an hour.

The main thing is to regularly look at the vegetables and monitor their condition, if juice is released, drain

How to wither cherry in the sun

This is the old way to cook dried vegetables. In Italy, every family that lives in the private sector cooks dried vegetables and has a special cooking secret that is passed down from generation to generation. The main advantage of the method is that the fruits are prepared for a long time, constantly blown with fresh air, the moisture evaporates naturally at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees under the rays of the sun.

For the right recipe, these ingredients are very important. After all, when using electrical appliances to the fruit does not enter the air and sunlight. The only inconvenience of the traditional method is the constant attack by insects. But even with this you can cope if you do not want to spoil the product.

Recipe dried cherries in the sun appeared in Italy

How to store and where to use

It is convenient to store tomatoes, rolled up in jars. So they can enjoy the whole year. At the bottom of the sterile cans pour a little olive oil. Layered vegetables lay out, each layer shifted garlic plates. Fill a full jar with oil, you can use refined sunflower, without a characteristic aroma. Roll up and store in the refrigerator or basement.

You can use as an independent snack. Also indispensable when cooking pizza, pasta, salads, casseroles, lasagna and other delicious daily and festive dishes. We also recommend to read how to dry the Bulgarian pepper and asparagus.