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Detailed description and characteristics of the variety of tomato hali ghali


Anyone who wants to harvest a tomato early, there is a hybrid of tomatoes under the unusual name of Hali-Ghali. This early ripe variety does not cause much trouble in the cultivation of the plant. The tomato was developed by Siberian breeders, and in 2003 it was licensed as a hybrid. Hali-gali was recommended for growing in greenhouses and in unprotected soil. Currently enjoys a well-deserved reputation among gardeners and gardeners. Description and characteristics of the variety are presented in this review.

Description and characteristics of tomatoes Hali-ghali

A hybrid of early ripening, from the appearance of the first shoots to the time when ripe fruits are obtained, passes 80-100 days. It has similar F-1 hybrids. The plant is a determinant variety with a stem bush.

Tomato Hali Ghali has a distinctive feature - a small spout in the lower part of the fetus

It is recommended to grow a variety of Hali-Ghali in the open field, but many gardeners are planted in greenhouses: there the tomato matures faster by 10-15 days. The bush has saturated light green leaves, and its height reaches 90 cm.

The inflorescences of this variety, like other tomatoes, do not have nectar. In this regard, pollination in greenhouses sometimes has to be done manually or applied in different ways to attract bees. Tomato Hali-gali is more suitable for growing in the southern regions and in the North Caucasus. In central Russia, in the Urals and Siberia, it is recommended to grow them under film shelters.

Advantages and disadvantages

Highlighting the advantages of the hybrid, it should be noted:

  • Sustainability of development plants when weather conditions change;
  • Opportunity grow this crop on the balcony, due to small growth;
  • Endurance insufficient moisture;
  • Early harvest fruits;
  • Big sugar percentage in the fruits.
The collected fruits of Tomato Khali Ghali can be stored for a long time and tolerate transportation.

The variety has not high yields. and needs additional feedings. This, perhaps, ends all his flaws.

Planting seeds and growing seedlings

  • Since the variety Hali-ghali is hybrid, first of all, need to buy seeds in the store (it is impossible to assemble them yourself). Then we buy the nutrient mixture in the store ready or mix the necessary components on their own.
Seeds of tomato Khali Gali f1
  • Preparing containers for seedlings, first pour the drainage to the bottom in the form of expanded clay, then hydrated prepared nutrient mixture. We make indentations in the containers and plant the seeds (to ensure that we deepen 2 seeds per container in the soil).
  • Cover the seedlings with a film and place them on the illuminated windowsill. When growing seedlings need to comply with three conditions: the necessary heat, light and humidity. In the beginning for seedlings need to withstand a temperature of 22-25 degrees, then, when the film is removed from the seedling boxes when sprouts appear, it is necessary to lower it to 17-19 degrees.
  • Usually in April the daylight time is still small, therefore, to create the necessary illumination for seedlings for 12 hours, need to create an artificial highlight. During the growth to ensure that the earth was wet, for this the seedlings must be watered.

Tomato seeds for seedlings need to be sown 50-60 days before planting seedlings in the ground.

For the proper development of plants, it is necessary to accurately determine the timing of planting seeds, otherwise, in case of overexposure, tomatoes take a long time to take root.

Approximate dates of planting seeds by region:

  • In the southern regions of Russia and Ukraine - from February 20 to March 15;
  • In the central district - from March 15 to April 1;
  • In the Urals, Siberia - from April 1 to 15.
One week before transplanting, it needs to be tempered.

In order not to be mistaken, when to start growing seedlings, you need to focus on the frosts that are possible in your area. By counting back 60 days from this date, you can accurately determine the time of sowing seeds. If you plan to plant in the greenhouse, then sowing can be started earlier for 2-3 weeks.

Planting seedlings in the ground

Fertile, well-lit areas, preferably with a southern slope, are prepared for early ripe varieties of Khali-Ghali tomatoes. It is undesirable to plant tomatoes two years in a row at the same place. due to soil-borne diseases.

Good precursors are legumes, green crops and root vegetables. It is undesirable to plant after tomatoes and potatoes.

Possible to plant different varieties on one ridge. It is necessary to plant seedlings when frosts are over, in early June, you can go to the greenhouse - May 10-15. It is desirable to engage in transplanting on a cloudy day, or in the evening, when the heat subsides.

To a permanent place, seedlings of tomato Khali Gali are planted when the soil warms up to 15 ° С

In this case, undersized planted need at a distance of 40 cm from each other and between rows to withstand 50 cm. To place the stems vertically, and to deepen the earthen pot in the soil, without burying the growing point. After planting, water the plants abundantly.

Growing tomatoes

During the growth of tomato implied and care for them. To do this, you should regularly inspect the plants and, if necessary, you need:

  • Spud. The first time you need to do this is two weeks after planting the seedlings, then 14-15 days later, another 2-3 times;
  • Loosen the soil around the root system. The earth must be airy;
  • Water. This should be done abundantly, but not often;
  • Pinch. To form a bush of tomatoes on one, two or three shoots and then regularly remove axillary inflorescences. It is also recommended to remove the lower leaves;
When plucking stepchildren should leave small penechki
  • Make a feeding. Make the first dressing 10-14 days after planting. The second - after the beginning of flowering of the second flower brush.

When growing tomato, sometimes you need to shake the plants for better fertilization. This procedure is done in the afternoon from 12 to 15 o'clock, and then the tomatoes with pistils are slightly watered with warm water: pollen sticks to the wet pestle more easily.

A feature of the variety is that the hybrid F-1, a little susceptible to diseases, and in these rare cases, you can do without chemicals. This, in turn, will affect the ecological purity of the fruit.

As already mentioned, the ripening of the fruit occurs after three months. The first inflorescence is formed before the seventh leaf. The fruits have a uniform red color with a pointed tip at the end. Khali-Ghali tomato crop is relatively small, about 3 kg from a bush and up to 12 kg from 1 m2  

Due to the fact that Hali-Gali is an early ripe variety, this is enough to enjoy the taste of the first fruits, using them in salads. Also, these tomatoes are good for preservation for the winter in the form of various blanks.