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Tips to do so that eggplants are not bitter


Eggplants are grown by almost every summer resident due to the fact that the vegetable has a lot of useful properties and a large supply of nutrients. Not everyone likes when eggplant even slightly bitter. As well as not everyone knows that it can be caused by the peculiarities of growing and caring for a crop, improper harvesting. What to do to get rid of bitterness is described in the article.

Causes of the bitter taste of eggplants

Why can there be a bitter taste in a vegetable? Having learned about all the reasons, it will be possible to neutralize the deficiency and grow the perfect harvest, as well as to make preparations for future use.

Eggplant harvesting

Late cleaning

Like any crop, eggplant must be collected on time. Otherwise, they will change the appearance, and also become rough, bitter.

Remove the fruit should be about 1.5 months after the appearance of the ovary. During this period, seeds have a light color, the flesh is tender, without bitterness.

Changeable weather

Climatic conditions also significantly affect the taste of eggplant. Therefore, those plants that were grown in the open ground, because of these features can grow bitter. Because of this, for regions with often changing weather conditions, it is recommended to grow eggplants in the greenhouse.

Insufficient watering

Lack of soil moisture is also one of the root causes of bitterness in eggplants. In hot and sunny weather it is necessary to ensure that the soil is constantly hydrated and to prevent drying of the upper layer. Watering should be carried out in the morning, the order - in a day.

Proper abundant watering eggplant

Wrong grade

Variety selection is the most important and responsible business. First of all, it will depend on it, whether it will be possible in principle to get rid of the bitter taste in the finished fruit. The fact is that some varieties initially have this disadvantage and no matter how you try in the future, it will not work.

When selecting a variety for growing crops, it is better to choose a well-known, time-tested.

The best traditional varieties are:

  • Diamond;
  • Purple miracle;
  • Nutcracker;
  • Czech early.

Lovers of more exotic fruits can be advised:

  • Thai white;
  • Pelican;
  • Rosita

Seedlings are better to grow yourself. In the market you can provide the wrong grade that you want to buy. Often gardeners and gardeners become victims of deception. Subsequently, all your efforts and efforts will be reduced to zero and to achieve the desired result will not work for reasons beyond your control.

What to do so that eggplant is not bitter?

If the fruit still turned out to be bitter, do not get too upset. You should try to get rid of the lack of known methods. Fortunately, humanity already has experience in this business, and over the years many ways have been invented to cook a vegetable so that bitterness can be easily removed.


A simple and affordable way to prepare an eggplant without bitterness is freezing. The collected and washed fruits should be cut into small slices, put in a freezer bag and sent to the freezer. If you do not intend to store the billet, you can get it after 4 hours. Let thaw and squeeze the water. The bitterness will go away with the water.

Eggplants prepared in this way will only be suitable for making mashed potatoes. Keep them intact during the cooking process will not succeed.
Frozen Eggplant


Another fairly simple way to remove bitterness from a vegetable soak. Fruits are cut into pieces and filled with cool salted water. To prepare brine for 1 liter of water take 1 tbsp. salt. Aged under pressure for half an hour. After that, the pieces of eggplant must be removed, pressed, spread out on a paper towel and give excess moisture to drain. Further use according to the recipe. If the recipe involves the use of whole fruits, then they should be soaked for more than two hours.


This technique is less common, but its effectiveness is also high. The fruit should be cut and sprinkle with coarse salt in the incision. Wait for 20 minutes before the appearance of drops of moisture. After this part of the fruit is rinsed with water and wipe with a dry cloth.

It is necessary to use only coarse salt. She does not have time to soak and your dish will not be salted in the cooking process.


This technique is only suitable for those cases where the use of a peeled vegetable is envisaged for the recipe. You just need to peel the fruit from the skin with a knife. Along with this will leave and unpleasant bitterness.

Seed cutting

In their structure, eggplant seeds look like peppers. They do not have keenness, but there is a bitter taste. In order to get rid of this disadvantage, the fruit should be cut in two lengths and with a teaspoon to scoop up the seeds. This technique is very good if you are going to cook stuffed eggplant-boats.

Some housewives instead of soaking in salted water use soaking in milk. The procedure is very similar, only the milk does not need to be salted. However, this technique is less common. Many people think that eggplants in this way also acquire a specific “milky” flavor, which is not to everyone’s liking.

Of all the many ways to get rid of bitterness in eggplants, everyone chooses the one that suits him most of all. You can be guided both by personal preferences and based on the recipe of cooking and its features.

After learning about the causes of bitterness in eggplants, you can choose the most appropriate way to get rid of it. The main thing is the right growing technology. It is in the process of growth that there is every opportunity to get rid of this major drawback. If for any reason the harvest is still a little bitter, then bitterness can also be removed from the collected fruits.

There are already enough ways at the moment. Every year this arsenal is replenished. Each hostess uses their tricks, devices. Thus, the taste of your favorite dishes is not spoiled, and the beneficial properties are fully preserved.