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10 best varieties of tomato without pasynkovaniya for cultivation in the open field of Moscow region


Most gardeners claim that the pasynkovan procedure is considered mandatory when growing tomato culture. It is difficult to disagree with this opinion, since the extra stems take away the nutrients from the plant, thereby lowering its yield. But there are varieties of delicious tomatoes, which are erected without pasynkovaniya, and they can be grown in the open field of the Moscow region.

The best varieties of tomatoes for growing in the suburbs that do not require pasynkovaniya

The key to high stable yield is the right choice of variety, suitable for climate specific

region. Moscow is located in the middle lane. This area is perfect for cultivating this vegetable. Recognized among vegetable growers of the Moscow region varieties that do not require pasynkovanii, are listed below listed varieties.

Chio Chio San

In terms of ripening Chil Chio San - medium early grade. The first tomatoes appear in 100-120 days from the appearance of the first sprouts.

Chio Chio San
The plant is indeterminate, which means that the culture is able to bear fruit throughout the entire growing season.

The height of the bushes reaches 2 m, so they need to be tied to reliable supports. The plants are decorated with elegant fan brushes of small bright pink fruits with a delicate sweetish taste. Mass of one tomato 35 g.

We can distinguish the strengths of the variety, making it popular:

  • stable yield, which is equal to 4 kg from a bush;
  • excellent taste and performance;
  • successful growth in different climate zones;
  • resistance to diseases to which plants of the nightshade family are subject;
  • universality in application.

Among the shortcomings, it is important to indicate the need control the development of bushes, their formation and garters.

Planting scheme for tall tomato crops 60 x 40 cm. Care involves the performance of a classic set of agricultural operations.

Rocket - tomatoes for open ground

The rocket is intended to land in open beds and belongs to the category medium early varieties. The period from germination to ripeness 100-110 days.


The variety forms a low-growing determinant plant, whose height is 40-60 cm. The bush is characterized by compactness and weak foliage with shortened internodes. The main stem forms about 4 inflorescences, each of which has from 3 to 8 fruits.

The vegetables themselves are red in color, of elongated shape with a clearly defined top. The average weight of vegetables is 35-60 g.

The positive characteristics include:

  • heavy fruiting, up to 7 kg with 1m2;
  • good taste and product quality;
  • resistance to dangerous diseases and pests;
  • not demanding and easy to care, which significantly saves time and effort;
  • resistance to overripening of tomatoes, which allows not to worry about the integrity of the crop on the way and during storage;
  • vegetables are suitable for whole fruit preservation.

Disadvantage is cracking fruit in adverse weather and sensitivity to irrigation and dressing.

For growing use the scheme 70 x 30, 6-8 bushes per 1 m2. With a lack of space, you can land up to 12 copies, while they feel comfortable and bestow a quality harvest.


Fighter belongs to early maturing varieties, the period from germination of seedlings to ripening first tomatoes 95-110 days.

Determinant shrub up to 50 cm, characterized by active flowering with a minimum amount of barren flowers.

Medium-sized fruits are cylindrical in shape with a smooth shiny skin, painted in a rich red or yellow color. Tomato weight average 100 g. Tomatoes are juicy, fleshy and have a sweetish and sour taste.

The main advantages of culture:

  • high yield, with 1 m2 you can get up to 8 kg a tomato;
  • good taste and presentation;
  • resistance to major diseases and pests;
  • the possibility of growing in greenhouse conditions and open beds;
  • unpretentiousness to adverse weather conditions, including coolness and drought;
  • fruits are suitable for fresh use, for salting and preservation.

The only flaw is that the harvest is not subject to storage.

When planting it is necessary to apply the scheme 50 x 40 cm, up to 7-9 plants per 1 square meter. m. And care requires irrigation, loosening and timely feeding using mineral fertilizers.


Early maturing Oak variety with a short maturity, which is 85 days. The plant forms a shrub up to 50 cm tall with weak branching. The main stem is decorated with 4-6 inflorescences, each of which forms the same number of tomatoes.


Medium sized ripe vegetables 50-100 g, have the form in the form of a circle with a slight ribbing. Tomatoes have a red color and taste and aroma saturated with pleasant sourness.

The merits of culture:

  • high yields reaching 6-8 kg with 1m2;
  • fast and uniform ripening of vegetables;
  • the ability to bear fruit in the open field, and in the home;
  • excellent taste;
  • immunity to common diseases;
  • relative indifference to drought and high humidity;
  • unpretentious care;
  • the possibility of collecting seeds for planting in the next season;
  • excellent keeping quality during storage and transportability over long distances;
  • table appointment.

According to reviews of gardeners, the grade has no significant shortcomings.

When growing, you need to keep a distance between the rows of 40-50 cm, and between the planting units - 60-70 cm. Care includes watering, weeding, loosening, feeding, hilling.


Variety is considered early maturing, determinant, fruitful and intended for cultivation in open beds. The height of the bushes reaches 70 cm.


The plant is decorated with green leaves of medium size. The rounded forms of dense fruits at the stage of maturity become red. The average weight of tomatoes is from 60 to 100 g, but there are specimens reaching a weight of 200 g. Vegetables are covered with a smooth skin, under which the flesh is located with a dense fleshy structure, which has a pleasant taste with a slight sourness.

Tomato Blizzard endowed with the following advantages:

  • high yield;
  • excellent taste and attractive appearance;
  • excellent immunity to diseases characteristic of vegetables;
  • the ability is stored for a long time;
  • universality in use.
The variety has no disadvantages, therefore it is popular with gardeners.

When landing you need to be placed on 1 square. m to 6 plants. Leaving involves watering with the use of warm water after sunset, maintaining optimum moisture, introducing feedings and loosening the soil throughout the growing season.

Boni MM

Tomato ultra-fastmatures on 80-85 day after germination. Plants are stunted bushes, with a height not exceeding 50 cm. The fruits have a flat rounded ribbed shape and red color. Tomato weight 60-80 g.

Boni MM

Main advantages:

  • stable yield, each bush brings up to 2 kg vegetables;
  • ability to easily adapt to different environmental conditions;
  • low susceptibility to typical culture diseases;
  • suitable for winter dressing and fresh consumption.

The disadvantage is relatively low yield.

Planting pattern for cultivation: 50 x 40 cm, up to 9 plants can be planted per 1 m2. In care culture is unpretentious, and requires only irrigation, fertilizing with organic matter or mineral fertilizers.

Cold-resistant variety of tomatoes Shuttle

Early variety because the crop is sown on day 85 after seed germination. Low-growing bushy bushes, 50 cm in height.

Medium sized elongated dark red fruits with a small sharp tip are decorated. Properly grown vegetables have a glossy surface, different flesh and pleasant sweetish taste. Under the thick elastic skin is juicy flesh. Average weight of tomato 70g.


Positive characteristics:

  • good yield which makes 5-8 kg with 1m2;
  • excellent product quality;
  • compactness of the bush, due to which there is saving space on the site;
  • resistance to cold;
  • long period of fruiting;
  • ease of care;
  • harvest suitable for use in different forms.
The only negative is that the Shuttle is not endowed with absolute resistance to diseases.

Viruses are able to infect it, so you need to constantly inspect the culture and start treatment at the first manifestations of infection.

The best option when planting to plant 4 bushes per 1 m2. Further care includes the creation of comfortable conditions necessary for tomato culture. Due to the cold resistance, the creation of a polycarbonate greenhouse is not required.

Universality of Alfa

Classic variety determinant stem type. The fruits begin to sing later 85 days after sowing. Plant height varies from 40 to 55 cm.

Round Tomatoes 55 g slightly flattened, painted red and juicy and sweet.



  • high yield, with 1m2 can be collected 6.5 kg of tomatoes;
  • excellent taste quality;
  • resistance to most viral and fungal diseases;
  • the possibility of cultivation in the most unfavorable areas for farming;
  • salad destination crop.

The disadvantage is that the crop is not intended for long storage and transportation.

Planting pattern 50 x 40 cm: 7-9 plants per 1 square. m. This tomato is characterized by a combination of unpretentiousness and high quality of small fruits.


This type belongs to mid-season determinant varieties. The period between germination and full ripeness of fruit is 120 days. Shrub medium branching, weak foliage, height 60 cm.

Tomatoes in the shape of a heart, differ in size, evenness. In the maturity stage, they acquire a red color and mass. 100-170 g.


The main advantages:

  • average yield 3 kg from a bush;
  • excellent taste and attractive appearance;
  • good size and original shape of vegetables;
  • resistance to drought;
  • one of the best for applying fresh and cooking tomato products.
Its insignificant minus is considered to be poorly preserved during transportation, as it has a tendency to cracking due to its thin skin.

Planting density when cultivating a culture is 4-5 bushes per square meter. Standard care during the growing season.

Winter cherry

Early maturing tomato ripening falls on 95 days after full shoots. Compact, standard plant with determinant type of growth, height not exceeding 70 cm.

Vegetables are smooth, saturated crimson color, their average weight is equal to 100 g.

Winter cherry

Main advantages:

  • good yield reaching 9.7 kg from 1 square. m;
  • excellent taste and keeping quality of tomatoes;
  • cold resistance and undemanding to elevated temperatures and nutritional value of the soil;
  • resistance to complex diseases;
  • cracking vegetables is not observed;
  • Suitability until whole canning.
As a minus, relatively low yields are due to the limited number of brushes on each plant.

When disembarking, the distance between the landing units should be 25 cm, and between rows about 40 cm.

All these varieties do not require staining, which greatly simplifies the cultivation of garden crops. In addition, they are not only promising in the field of gardening, but also found their use in various dishes.