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5 best yellow tomato varieties with a description and names


In the Mediterranean, yellow tomatoes are called golden apples. Such a name, these sunny fruits are absolutely justified. The provitamin A affects the yellow color of tomatoes.

The best varieties of yellow tomatoes, description and characteristics

By the number of useful properties, they are in no way inferior to their red counterparts. And in some positions even surpass them.Here are some of the benefits of yellow tomatoes:

Yellow tomatoes have an advantage over red ones because of their higher pulp content and lower acidity.
  • According to the vitamin composition superior to other varieties of tomatoes;
  • Contain niacin, which strengthens blood vessels;
  • Tomatoes in the pulpcontains a lot of carotene;
  • They are more than red tomatoes, Lycopene enzyme which is an antioxidant. Lycopene helps cleanse the body, reduces the risk of oncology;
  • Fruitsafe for allergy sufferers;
  • They less calories and have less acidity, and therefore are useful during the diet.
All products with a yellow color play the role of natural antidepressants, break down fats and accelerate metabolic processes.

Let's try to understand the distinctive features of several indeterminate (unlimited growth), varieties of yellow, described below.

Yellow giant

Tomato Yellow Giant

In search of large yellow tomatoes should try to plant a yellow giant. It is mid-season (110-122 days), indeterminate, bushes grow from 1, 2 m to 1.8 m. The fruits are bright yellow, round and flat-rounded in shape. The cultivation area of ​​this variety is Moldova, Ukraine, the middle belt is Russia.

Grown in film greenhouses. Requires dressing and garters. Advantages of tomato data: large fruiting, fruiting long. The variety is valued for its sweet taste and aroma, as well as for the high level of beta-carotene in fruits. Resistant to cracking.

Altai orange

Altai orange tomato

Like the previous one, the Altai orange variety is tall, indeterminate, mid-season (110-115 days). In the middle zone is grown in greenhouses. Since the variety is high, it also requires a garter and pasynkovaniya. If you grow it in one stem, the fruits are formed larger (up to 700 grams).

Fruits are large, flat-round, with delicate sugary pulp, suitable for fresh consumption, in salads, can be used for making juices.

Amana Orange (Amana Orange)

Tomato Amana Orange (Amana Orange)

Created in the USA. In many ways similar to the two previous varieties: high (up to 1.7 m in the greenhouse), indeterminate, mid-season (110-115 days). Requires the formation of a bush in 1-2 stems and pasynkovanie, garter to the support. Fruits are large, flat-rounded with a slight ribbing, weighing up to 400 grams. Resistant to late blight.

Advantages: excellent taste, high yield, large-fruited. The taste is sweet, with a fruity touch, the flesh is dense, juicy, with a rich taste, contains few seeds.

A barrel of honey

Tomato Barrel of honey

Another mid-ripening (100-105 days), indeterminate variety of tomatoes of yellow (orange) color. When cultivating requires pinching and garters. The average weight of the fruit - 400 gr., the fruits are flat-rounded, slightly flattened, the taste of fruits is sweetish, very fragrant, the flesh is dense, fleshy, without spreading on the cut. Multichamber, few seeds.

Bullish heart orange

Tomato Bull's heart orange

Considered new, bred by Russian breeders in 2003. Suitable for cultivation in all regions of Russia. Hybrid F1. Indeterminate, 110-160 cm tall, mid-season (110-120 days), fruits of yellow-orange heart-shaped. Recommended for salads, juices, canned goods. Requires early garter, better on the loop, twisting around the stem. From one bush collect up to 5 kg a tomato. Not intended for long-term storage.

Features care for indeterminate yellow fruit tomatoes

If we talk about the features of care for yellow tomatoes, then they are no longer associated with the color of the tomatoes, but with their other characteristics. All considered varieties are indeterminant, i.e. unlimited growth. The basic requirements of agrotechnics are connected with this feature. Seed preparation, sowing and caring for seedlings in these varieties of tomatoes are almost the same as in conventional tomatoes. But a little longer the period of growing seedlings: it is 50 - 65 days.

In order not to reduce the yield due to the crampedness, between the plants during planting leave enough space for growth and development.
Planting pattern of tomato indeterminate varieties

Recommended to land5 indeterminate plants per 2 sq. m .: the distance between the bushes is 50-60 cm, and between the rows - 0.8-0.9 m.

In an average greenhouse of 6 × 3 meters in size, tall indeterminate tomatoes fit only 30-32 bushes planted in a staggered manner into two ribbons on each bed.

Nevertheless, the number of connoisseurs of indeterminant varieties is growing all the time. This is due to the fact that it is possible to use the airspace, thus as if to increase the area of ​​the site. Tall shrubs allow more fruit brushes to form. Tall varieties first floral brush give only after 8-9 of this leaf and above. Each next floral brush they lay through 3 leaves.

One plant is able to tie up to 40 brushes with fruits during the growing season!

These tomatoes have a higher yield. And his unfriendly return gives you the opportunity to receive fresh fruit from July to frost.

Yellow tomatoes on the trellis

A support for the stable position of tall tomatoes can be arranged with a twine, to which the plants are tied up and grow along it.At a height of about 2 m in the greenhouse trellis is pulled. First, the stem rises in height to the trellis, and then it should be transferred through it and gradually lowered, tied to neighboring plants. And at a height of 50 cm from the ground should pinch to complete growth.

Yellow tomatoes are resistant to diseases and delight gardeners good yields. They are responsive to systematic feeding, it is better to hold them at least 3 per season. If it is necessary to prevent late blight, it is recommended to carry out preventive treatments of tomatoes with Ordan. Considering all the benefits of yellow tomatoes, breeders are trying to lengthen their shelf life.

Currently, there is a wide range of yellow tomatoes for every taste! Maybe someone will find your favorite tomato in this article!