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A detailed description of the grape variety Baikonur


Previously, the cultivation of grape crops involved in order from the resulting crops to produce good wine. To this end, the plots were planted with technical grape varieties that produce a large amount of juice. And today, most winegrowers are trying to choose crops with excellent taste and excellent presentation, to savor delicious berries and decorate the dining tables in beautiful clusters. One of such examples is considered to be the Baikonur grape crop.

Description of the grape variety Baikonur

The plant is very popular, because it produces excellent yields, has beneficial properties for human health and a pleasant taste.

The origin of the grapes is due to the efforts of the breeder Pavlovsky EG, who united the Talisman and Krasotka varieties. Baikonur adopted from them resistance to unstable climatic conditions, an excellent ability to adapt to new places.

Frost-resistant culture is developing well and brings in the regions of central Russia, growing even in the suburbs.

Attractive clusters distinguish "Baikonur" from other grape crops. Cone-shaped berries form large clusters, reaching in weight five hundred grams.

Hybrid refers to early maturing, the first berries can be removed with the onset of August. From the moment of formation of leaflets to full maturity, culture needs no more than one hundred and ten days.

Characteristics of berries

The length of the berries variety Baikonur reaches 4 cm in length

They are considered the most important indicator of the variety. Each berry reaches length 4 cmThe average weight is between thirteen and fifteen grams. The shape is somewhat elongated, pointed to the tip. Thanks to the appearance of the berries, this variety cannot be confused with others.

The hue of the berries according to the description ranges from dark-lilac to cherry-lilac. Dark skin is covered with a waxy coating of almost black color.

The thick pulp crunches a little while biting, it has a unique aroma and fruit flavor, well in tune with the tartness of the grapes. The berries are quite juicy and sweet, contain about twenty percent of sugar.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The main advantages of this grape crop are:

  • size of berries and their taste, external beauty;
  • the speed of aging;
  • possibility of long storage and excellent portability of shipments;
  • self-pollinating ability to form fruits in any weather;
  • dense skin does not allow the berries to crack from excessive moisture;
  • the variety resists fungal diseases, is not affected by powdery mildew and rot, its wasps fly by;
  • bushes endure frosts down to -23 degrees, but still they should be covered for the winter period;
  • a crop can be grown not only for personal consumption, but also for commercial purposes.
The hybrid is relatively new, negative qualities are not revealed.

Gardeners still have only one wish - to get rid of the seeds that are in the berries.

There are seeds in Baikonur berries that breeders are trying to get rid of.


Culture grows best in places where enough sunlight and no drafts. Therefore, it should be planted in the southern directions.

To the soil composition of the plant does not impose special requirements. But preference should be given to light black soils. Groundwater should be at a depth of 2 - 2.5 meters from the surface of the earth.

Particular importance is attached to the landing scheme. So that the bushes do not shade each other, they should be seated with an interval of three meters, allocating at least four rows for inter-row spacing.

Landing can begin from the end of March and continue before the summer season. Only here for each time interval will have to pick up planting material.

Seedlings harvested from the autumn should be planted in March, during the spring, you can make cuttings. And for planting green seedlings will have to wait for the onset of sustainable heat.

Saplings harvested from the autumn, planted in March

A grape bush is planted in several stages:

  • for several weeks preparing the pit. Its depth should be sufficient to make a large number of fertilizer compositions - not less than eighty centimeters. Humus is poured into it, mixed with fertile soil. The mixture must be given time so that it settles well. Normal soil is poured on top of the fertilizer layer;
  • seedling is recommended to purchase. If the bush "Baikonur" on your site is already available, then the cutting can be planted in a regular flower pot to develop the root system. Before planting the roots should be soaked in water for a couple of days;
  • when planting sapling deepens to root collar. The pit is filled up gradually so that no air cushions remain in the soil;
  • landing ends with abundant irrigation - at least three buckets. Then the soil should be mulched sawdust or moss.

Care for a young and mature vine

Spring plant is watered dailyuntil the flowering period. In addition, the rate of water should be increased at the moment when the berries are formed. Be sure to mulch the soil to keep moisture longer.

In the spring of Baikonur grapes must be watered daily

Every year, mineral fertilizer compounds from those used during planting are applied to each bush.

When performing pruning, it is necessary leave long spikes. From pruned shoots, you can prepare cuttings. Before the onset of the winter period the plant is necessary to coverto protect from the cold.

Preventive spraying of diseases should be carried out before flowering.

Breeding methods

Baikonur can be propagated by three methods:

  • seedlings. This simple option is suitable for the first landing. An established sapling bears fruit after three to four years;
  • grafting. Varietal culture is planted on stumps of old shrubs with healthy wood and a strong root system. The process starts to receive all nutritious elements from an old plant, it quickly gains strength and grows. But it is necessary to understand the basics of breeding and successfully combine varieties so that they get along well;
  • cuttings. Long shoots bend to the soil surface, strengthen with slingshots, sprinkle with soil at one point. It is necessary to water this place abundantly so that the roots begin to peck. Then the cuttings are cut from the adult plant and turned into an independent bush. While the root system has not developed much, the bush is transplanted to a new place.
For propagation by cutting, it is necessary to choose branches with strong and healthy wood.

Diseases and pests

Vines resist diseases, their berries are protected from wasps. But as a preventive measure at the initial stage of the growing season it would not be superfluous to treat the plant.

When sheltering for the winter season, rodents should be remembered and the necessary measures should be taken to scare them away.

Grapes have excellent consumer qualities that gardeners will love. There is only one not very pleasant feature of "Baikonur" - short trial period. But under all the conditions of care, good yields of berries are obtained.