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Detailed description of the grape variety Arcadia


Recent developments of breeders are attracted by the resistance of plants to adverse weather conditions and high yields. But there are also varieties bred in Soviet times, which still do not lose popularity and recognition of gardeners. One of these is the grape Arkady, let's talk about its description and characteristics.

Description grape varieties Arcadia

Arcadia refers to early maturing plants with a growing season of 115-125 days. Vine develops quite intensively, reaches a height of more than 2 m. The leaf is wide, formed in the form of five blades. The underside is slightly pubescent. Large clusters of conical shape from 600 gr. up to 1.5 kg. And this is not the limit, with proper farming techniques the brush reaches a weight of 2.5 kg.

The variety Arkady was obtained by Ukrainian breeders when crossing cultures with excellent qualities: Moldova and Cardinal. Scientific station them. Tairova V.E. brought a lot of other cultures, but this work is considered to be one of the best.
Arcadia grapes on the vine, ready to be put in boxes

The plant is recommended for planting in the southern parts of the country and the middle lane, but with the condition of creating a shelter for wintering. Harvest can be done in early August, and in southern Russia, the harvest period begins a couple of weeks earlier.

Agrotechnology consists of the usual rules that apply to most cultures. With their implementation, a consistently high yield (over 35 kg from a bush) is ensured.

Characteristics of berries

Among the predominant characteristics of the Arcadia variety are large round-shaped fruits, reaching 2 cm in diameter. The mass of one berry is 12-15 grams. The color of the fruit is green with a slight pink tinge. The flesh is very sweet and juicy, and the thin skin is practically not felt in the mouth when used. The product contains sugar - 15-16% with acidity not exceeding 4-6 g / l.

Ripe grapes are covered with barely noticeable white wax. This factor contributes to long-term storage and good transportability of the crop. It is not for nothing that the variety of Arkady is highly valued by winegrowers cultivating the plant for industrial and commercial purposes.

Berry has a pleasant sweet taste with a slight shielding sourness. Muscat aroma, pronounced.

Advantages and disadvantages

Growers and ordinary gardeners who have experience in growing Arkady grapes, highlight the following benefits of the variety:

  • early aging;
  • high yield (up to 40 kg from a bush);
  • resistance to mildews;
  • the plant tolerates frosts down to -25 °;
  • simple rules of agricultural engineering.
Arcadia grapes close-up

As any plant, grapes have weaknesses.. One of these is considered susceptibility to disease (rot, oidium). Like other varieties, this variety does not tolerate strong winds and waterlogging. Arkady has no other weightier flaws.


Planting grapes is better to do cuttings. When choosing a place for a plant, preference is given to a well-lit area without drafts. The main thing to avoid lowlands, taste deteriorates from an overabundance of moisture, and the risk of cracking berries increases. The soil should be lightweight and fertile.therefore, before planting, it is necessary to enrich it with organic matter or a mineral complex, which includes phosphorus and potassium. The cuttings develop quite quickly, forming a powerful root system.

Arcadia takes root well on any soils. To create more favorable conditions, it is recommended to lighten too dense soils with river sand.

When disembarking, you should first make a plan.to provide the necessary space for the bushes. The interval between neighboring plants is 2 m. If the crop is planted in rows on a plantation, then at least 1.5 m is left at the aisle.

For planting seedlings prepare pit. Its parameters should not be less than 80x80x80 cm. At the bottom it is recommended to make a bedding of gravel or coarse sand for drainage. After that, make half a bucket of humus and a bucket of fertile soil. Immediately before immersion of the escape, the pit is watered abundantly. When digging in the cutting, water is added to moisten the soil. The surface of the soil after planting mulch moss or sawdust.

Landing dates are determined by climatic features. The temperature of the soil in spring should rise to 10 °. Experts do not recommend lowering a sapling into the cold ground. It will not grow at low temperatures anyway, but it can die. Also allowed landing in the fall in October.

Arcadia grapes in the garden

Care for a young and mature vine

The rules for the care of young shoots and mature vines do not practically differ from other agricultural varieties.

  • Watering for culture requires abundant in the initial stage. Later it is only necessary to maintain the humidity at an average level. The abundance of moisture adversely affects the taste of berries and their integrity, so it is not necessary to irrigate the bushes unnecessarily. Watering is rarely carried out during the flowering period until its completion; when the fruit ripens, it stops and resumes only after the harvest. 2 weeks before the bushes are prepared for winter, the irrigation stops completely.
  • Top dressing is simply necessary for a fast-growing plant, especially at the initial stage. The nutrients used are organic or potassium phosphate fertilizers. With nitrogenous lures, you need to be careful, they provoke the cracking of fruits and impair taste.
  • At the stage of development of the bush it is necessary to cut two or three stalks.
  • To preserve soil moisture After watering, a layer of mulch should be laid on the ground surface. from sawdust or moss.
  • Vine cut in such a way that it remained 8-12 eyes. The total number of buds on a bush should not exceed 35-45 pcs. Every spring, shoots are removed that have suffered badly in winter.
  • Preparing for winter in regions with a harsh climate involves wrapping the bush with agrofibre or special fabric. A ball of soil is raked under the root so that the root system does not freeze. When using the film, it is necessary to observe the temperature regime and the timing of the disclosure of protection to prevent overheating.

Breeding methods

For breeding varieties Arkady gardeners use the following methods:

  • grafting a cutting on a separate bush (this method speeds up the fruiting of a young vine);
  • planting seedlings (the advantage of this method is to improve the taste and commodity qualities of the berries).
Care for the vine Arcadia

Experts recommend choosing planting material carefully. The root system should be white and the cut should have a green tint. If the length of the roots exceeds 25 cm, they are cut to 10-15 cm.

To improve the survival rate of the cutting, it is necessary to keep it in a container with water before planting throughout the day. You can add humate to the liquid.

Vaccination of the shoot is done in the prepared split. The compound is tightly sealed with tissue ligation, on top of which a garden pitch or wax is applied.

Diseases and pests

The variety of Arcadia has excellent immunity, but the need for prevention remains relevant. To create protection, the bushes are sprayed 2 times per season before and after flowering. Bordeaux liquid (1%) is used as a working solution. Upon detection of the first signs of a lesion, treatment with fungicides should be carried out immediately.

Planting Arkady Grape Saplings
Grapes Arkady has a high resistance to mildew, but weaker in opposition to oidium. Therefore, ignore preventive measures is not worth it.

Periodically gardeners replenish the garden with new cultures, often giving preference to the latest developments in breeding. But if the goal is to get a fast and stable crop, then it is better to stop the choice on a proven variety, which is Arcadia.