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5 ways to save grapes for winter at home


The spring period and most of the summer pass for most gardeners in the works. Taking care of fruit crops takes a lot of time and effort, but how nice it is to harvest. But it’s too early to relax, because you need to think about how to distribute fruits for processing, create favorable conditions for long-term storage at home. This review will discuss how you can save grapes for the winter.

Can I keep grapes at home for a long time?

No matter how long the expectations are, there comes a time when you have to remove all the grapes from the vine. Immediately process it into juice, wine and preservation, of course, you can. But an even greater desire arises to enjoy a fresh berry filled with a multifaceted aroma. To keep grapes at home for several months is quite realistic, given the important factors:

For storage of grapes are suitable only medium and late ripening varieties.
  • cultivar medium or late ripening with loose bunches;
  • the berry must have dense pulp and thick skin;
  • when self-cultivating grapes pay attention agrotechnical rulesthey affect the safety of the fruit;
  • only ripe crops need to be harvested (not green or overripe), and work carried out in dry sunny weather;
  • when removing grapes need to try do not damage wax coatingIt contributes to long-term storage (rubber gloves are recommended for this);
  • before storage should sort damaged or spoiled grapes;
  • wash the collected brushes It is strictly prohibited, such a procedure only accelerates the damage of the workpiece.
The most gentle varieties can be stored at home for up to 5-6 months. These include: Kutuzovsky, Autumn Black, Moldavian Black, Vierup-59, December, Isabella.

What varieties are suitable for long-term storage

Before you buy grapes for planting, it is necessary to determine the further methods of storage and processing of the crop. If there is a desire to harvest fresh bunches for the New Year's table, It is recommended to consider varieties that are suitable for long-term storage and in the process of overexposure will not create problems.

In memory of Negrul

Grapes of Memory Negrulya

The variety was bred as a result of crossing Korn Nägr and Datier de Saint-Valle. The plant with an average aging tolerates frost well, characterized by high resistance to typical diseases. Clusters of cylindrical shape of medium size are sown on bushes; their weight reaches 400-700 g. The egg-shaped berries are almost black. The weight of each is 5-9 grams. The sugar content in fruits is 16–18% with an acidity of 5–7 g / l.

Features grade:

  • fruit covered with dense wax coating that provides long-term storage;
  • the plant has good immunity;
  • powerful skeleton bush allows you to shoot increased yields;
  • insects practically do not attack the vine.

Fresh berries are stored at home at a certain temperature for up to 130 days.


Grape variety Original

This variety has several varieties, the main difference is in the color of the berries. There are three of them: white, pink and black. All plants have frost resistance (down to -21 °) and long-term storage of berries. This contributes to the dense skin of the fruit and wax coating.

Features of grapes Original:

  • bunch weight - 400-600 gr., Some specimens curtain up to 2 kg;
  • berry shape ovoid, the weight of one is 10-12 grams;
  • taste without pronounced notes, but at the same time harmonious;
  • high yield (with proper care, up to 100 kg of fruits can be removed from the bush).

Fresh berries are stored at home at a certain temperature for up to 130 days.

Jubilee Crane

Grape variety Jubilee Crane

Plant late maturity with a growing season of 150-167 days. The strength of the bush is average, but it does not prevent large clusters of conical shape from forming, whose weight reaches 400-500 grams. There are instances and up to 1.4 kg. The taste is simple, but sweetness is well felt (18-19% with acid 8.5-9 g / l).

Features of grapes:

  • early period entry fruiting young vines (in the second year after disembarkation);
  • fertility indicators and yield high;
  • frost resistance (up to -25 °);
  • strong immunity minimizes preventive measures.

Fresh berries are stored at home at a certain temperature for up to 130 days.


Grapes Nistru grade

The plant is medium with a growing season of 156-167 days. The variety was obtained by crossing Nimrang and Pierrell. Beautiful clusters of a cylindrical shape weighing 700-800 grams ripen on bushes. but there are also real champions reaching 3 kg. Brush density is average. Yellow-green berry has an oval shape, at the stage of ripeness is covered with a pinkish tinge. The weight of one is 7-8 grams. The sugar content is 16% with an acid of 7 g / l.

Features grade:

  • strong immunity (allows you to grow crops without spraying);
  • frost resistance up to minus 21 °;
  • vine does not require shelter for the winter;
  • the good transportability.

Fresh berries are stored at home at a certain temperature for up to 140 days.

Ways to preserve grapes in winter

Choosing the right grape for long-term storage is only half the battle. The second part is in choosing the right method and creating comfortable conditions for the bunch, so that she looks presentable and fresh on the table. Where to store the grapes and how long will it last?

In the cellar

Storage of grapes in the cellar

Sorted grapes can be stored in the cellar or basement in winter, if there is observed a temperature from + 1 ° to + 8 °. Humidity is suitable with elevated rates (70-80%), otherwise the fruits will quickly dry out. However, waterlogging should not be allowed, otherwise soon rot or mold will form on the blanks. To regulate this process, it is recommended to regularly ventilate the room or install a forced ventilation system. A bucket with quicklime or charcoal installed in close proximity to the stored crop will also help reduce humidity.

From time to time (at least once a week) it is necessary to inspect the fruits, identified spoiled berries are carefully removed from the brush and disposed of.

When choosing a place for grapes you should give up the neighborhood with zucchini, potatoes and other vegetables, able to excrete moisture. It is better to find a nook separate from other products.

Use of water tanks

Storage of a bunch of grapes in a container with water

This method is appropriate to use when storing a small amount of the crop. The essence of the method is to cut the grapes together with the vine, after which the long end of the branch is placed in a bottle (or other vessel) with water. The bunch of grapes should hang loosely at the same time, so the container is fixed at an angle. To prevent bacteria from developing in the water, a tablet of activated carbon or aspirin is added to it. This will help prevent the formation of rot. With this storage, the clusters remain fresh for up to 2 months, sometimes until the New Year.

Periodically, the vine should be cut (renewed) to allow the grapes to be fed with moisture.

On wire

Storage of grapes on a wire

Sorted clusters are linked in pairs for cribs. For bundles use twine. Next, in the cellar or basement, they stretch several rows of wire and fix the brushes with clothespins or with the help of a thread. Grapes should be placed tightly, but with an interval for air circulation (at least 3-5 cm).

Periodically billets are inspected to remove damaged berries. The more thorough the cleaning, the longer the fruit remains.

Stretching twine or wire is better at different heights, so that the clusters do not touch each other. It is necessary to lay burlap or plastic film on the floor under the suspensions for timely cleaning of fallen berries. If this is not done, a vinegar fly will start, which will cause bacteria to infect the entire crop.

Application boxes

Storage of grapes in boxes

Dry wooden boxes or tubs are used as tare. Before filling the tree, the tree should be treated with an antiseptic or fumigated with sulfur. After thoroughly drying, a layer of sawdust or straw is laid on the bottom (2-3 cm thick). Dry clusters, pre-sorted, spread on a layer so that the grapes do not touch each other. Each row is filled with a layer of sawdust. Sawdust material is poured over the brushes, and the container is covered with a lid. It is not necessary to fill the box to the top with the fruits, it is important that there is little space between the lid and sawdust for air circulation.

When choosing wood sawdust, pine and spruce should be discarded. The aroma of needles negatively affects the taste of grapes. It is better to give preference to fruit trees, as well as poplar or linden.

Proper freezing in the freezer

Preserve the taste and aroma of berries You can also use them to freeze. Dark and white varieties are suitable for this method, but the first ones are stored longer. It is important not to expose the grapes to repeated exposure to low temperatures.

Grape Freeze

Sequence how to freeze the fruit:

  1. Carefully clean the bunches from damaged berries and debris. Rinse them and dry naturally.
  2. Spread out brushes on a tray so that the grapes do not touch each other. Send them to the fridge for a couple of hours.
  3. Place the tray with the workpiece for half an hour in the camera and freeze.
  4. After aging in the freezer to get the fruit and packaged in portions in containers.
  5. Send to freezer for storage. Storage temperature is set at -24 ° C.
It is possible to harvest with the help of freezing both solid brushes and individual berries. Shelf life with this method of processing is 7-8 months.

Before eating, you need to get it in advance and put it in the fridge for 18-20 hours for a smooth defrost. If necessary, the process is accelerated by immersing frozen berries in cool water, but with this method, taste is lost.

Frozen Grapes

Light grapes are harvested with individual berries right in the sweet syrup. Grape processing sequence:

  • to wash and dry the sorted bunches;
  • neatly to separate every berry;
  • put on a tray one layer and send to the freezer for 30 minutes;
  • cook syrup from water and sugar, cool it;
  • get berries and spoon from the freezer water it abundantly;
  • send again for 30 minutes in the freezer;
  • repeat the procedure after 30 minutes, turning frozen fruits;
  • frozen berries in syrup put in a container and store in a freezer (-20 ° to -24 °).

If you follow the recommendations of experts and experienced gardeners, to savor the most delicious berries that benefit the body, it will be possible all the New Year holidays. In addition, the grape itself is a worthy decoration of the holiday table.