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Rules sturgeon breeding at home for beginners


Food will always be in demand, so a well-organized business in this area will bring tangible income. Breeding sturgeon for sale in the retail and restaurant chains can be organized not only on large farms, but also at home.

Such a business does not require large financial expenditures at the initial stage; therefore, virtually every citizen of our country, even a beginner, can organize it.

Advantages and disadvantages of sturgeon cultivation

Like any type of business, sturgeon breeding at home has its advantages and disadvantages. The following points in the conduct of this business can be attributed to positive qualities.

  • Low level of competition.
  • Work at home.
  • High profitability.
  • Good and stable demand.

Among the disadvantages, the most tangible are:

  • Sensitivity of fry to water quality.
  • Possible morbidity and mortality fry.
  • Requires constant monitoring of compliance with conditions of detention.
  • It is very difficult to get a quality fry for breeding.

Despite these shortcomings, many entrepreneurs decide to organize this business at home.

Sturgeon is very sensitive to water quality, therefore it is necessary to follow all the rules and requirements

The organization of the reservoir at home

To organize the reservoir at home, it is enough to purchase a plastic pool with a diameter of 3 meters. The optimal depth of the tank should be 1 meter.More experienced businessmen can dig a pond.

In the presence of a spacious room you can install several of these tanks.

The distance between the pools should be sufficient for the person to freely move between them to service the tanks. It is necessary to connect electricity, water supply and sewage to the premises.

At the initial stage, 2-3 tanks will be suitable, 1 meter deep

Choice of feed

To run a successful business in this area, it is recommended to use a highly nutritious feed specifically designed for raising sturgeon fish. Only with proper feeding, the fish will give a good gain in live weight. The main characteristics of sturgeon feed should be as follows:

  • Have a fishy smell.
  • Immediately sink to the bottom.
  • The time of complete dissolution in water is at least 30 minutes.

Also, for each age of fish, the size of the feed pellets should be chosen as accurately as possible, and food should be carefully chosen for sturgeon fry.

Food for sturgeon should have a pleasant smell and immediately sink to the bottom.

Buying fry

Fry should be purchased only from large fish farms. To obtain a rapid weight gain, as well as to minimize the probability of death of small fish, it is not recommended to violate this rule.

Before you buy fry, it is recommended to get information about the farm from customers who have already been engaged in this type of business for years.

If among them there are large farms for sturgeon breeding, then you can safely buy fry for growing at home. To minimize risks, it is not necessary to acquire a large number of fry for the first cycle of fish farming.

In order to get an idea of ​​the profitability of a business, it is enough to buy no more than 500 pieces. This amount will be sufficient for effective placement of fish in 2 - 3 tanks intended for home breeding of sturgeon.

Malkov acquire only on proven fishery

Organization of fry container

Small fish not only need to select suitable food, but also to organize a separate container. In such a capacity, the fry will grow until they cannot be transplanted into a large reservoir.

In order to make it easier to care for small fish, it is enough to purchase a plastic pool with a diameter of 1.5 and a depth of 0.7 meters. It is also necessary to provide for a good growth of the younger generation the optimum temperature and illumination of the tank.

You can make UZV for fish or order the finished version.

Installation of closed water supply

Temperature conditions

The rate of increase in live weight of fish will depend on maintaining the required level of water temperature. The minimum value of this parameter is +16 degrees.

At a temperature of +27 and higher, the sturgeon stops feeding, which is why it is so important to maintain the necessary level at all stages of growing this breed of fish. The optimum temperature of the water for growing sturgeon is 18 - 20 degrees.
The temperature in the tank should be at around 18-20 degrees

Features home sturgeon breeding

Under artificial conditions, the sturgeon grows slightly faster than in the wild, due to the lack of lack of food and maintaining the necessary temperature parameters. Growing sturgeon at home from fry to fish of commercial weight takes, on average, 1.5 years. By this time, the sturgeon weighs about 2 kilograms and can be sold in bulk to specialized stores.

In one standard basin for sturgeon cultivation, up to 200 kg of excellent quality fish of this breed can be produced in one cycle.

Business payback

The price of sturgeon will always be high, so in order to fully return the money spent on the purchase of equipment, a single cycle of growing this fish is sufficient.

Initial costs for the purchase of equipment will be about 200 thousand rubles. The cost of fry of acceptable quality starts from 25 rubles. for 1 pc., therefore for one cycle it will be necessary to spend about 20 thousand rubles for the purchase of small fish.

Business recoupment - 1.5 years

The acquisition of feed and payment of utilities for the entire full cycle of growing fish will cost the businessman about 150 thousand rubles. The total costs for one and a half year cycle will amount to 370 thousand rubles.

Sturgeon from a home mini-farm is sold, as a rule, in bulk. With the sale of previously acquired fry in the amount of 20 thousand rubles. You can get about 700 thousand rubles. Profit for 1.5 years of cultivation of sturgeon will be 330 thousand rubles., but from this amount you will still need to pay income tax and all deductions to the FIU and CHI.

After receiving the first experience, you can easily scale the business and get a significantly larger profit over a set period of time.

Breeding sturgeon at home is a very profitable type of business, but it will be so only until everyone who wants to open up home-made food production does not grow this fish, so you shouldn’t postpone opening a home fish farm.