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Features of quail feeding at home


Quails can be kept in small cages and in aviary. Although you need to feed them the same way as any poultry, but there are some nuances.

Consider the characteristics of the conditions of detention and feeding, what should be the norm and how much to feed.

What to feed quail chicks?

Quail chicks at different ages are fed in different ways.

First of all, in the early days, the chicks still take the nutrients from the yolkwhich was not fully absorbed during the period of their incubation. That is why chicks are only fed with boiled eggs.

Secondly, at that age Chicks require high-calorie and vitaminized feed.

Daily quail chicks

From the first days of life

  • On the first day begin to give boiled chicken and quail eggs with shell.
  • From the second day add to the diet grated low-fat cottage cheese at the rate of 2 grams per individual.
  • From the third to the fourth day add greens (lettuce, dandelion, nettle, young grass) and begin to reduce the number of eggs in the feed.


Already add raw protein feed 25% and 280 calories of energy and clabber.

Monthly and forth

Continue to feed the feed for the chicks. From the third week millet is gradually introduced. It is already possible to mix cabbage, clover, alfalfa, spinach and other greens. In winter, greens are replaced by sprouted oats, wheat, onions, millet, and corn.

Fifth week already give compound feed for adults. This feed already contains 15% of raw protein.

If there is no such feed, you can make it yourself from feed for chicks by adding small oat, barley or wheat cereal. This is done in this ratio: 250 grams of feed mixed with 150 grams of cereals.

Monthly quail

You can also to cook the feed yourself:

  • 240 g of a mixture of various cereals (millet, rice, oatmeal, barley, wheat);
  • 144 g of cottage cheese or fish meal and dry skim milk;
  • 16 g of chalk, shell.

Already sprinkled once a week dry gravel. Also mixed boiled potatoes and fresh vegetables (turnips, beets, carrots) and grated apples.

What to feed the hens, that would be a good rush?

The most popular feed the same as for layers. To make the hens well born Combine mixed feeds PK6 and PK5 with PK2 and dietary supplements (with vitamins "A" and "E") for young chickens.

In Japan, the following mixture is used: 50% of fish waste and 50% of rice (rice pudding). Such a mixture is expensive, but it also increases the egg-laying of birds, without affecting the release of chicks from the egg.

The cheapest mixture turns out to be three-component in equal proportions: corn, soybean, alfalfa or meat and bone meal.

Quail quail

To increase the amount of vitamins, and to diversify the diet of quail add worms, maggots, finely chopped kitchen waste.

In the summer, weeds with ripened seeds are placed in the cells.

Feeding the male quail

As mentioned, in the diet of quail, you can add weed seeds, cereals (soris, sorghum, millet), the larvae and the insects themselves.

Male quail

Canary seed, boiled fish, boiled egg should prevail in the diet of males. But there are a few features in their feeding:

  1. Rye exclude from the diet.
  2. Legumes are added, both in the form of grain, and cooked.
  3. Add poppy at the rate of 5-7 grams per head.
  4. Bring Vika in the diet by mixing it with oats.
  5. If you have not found a special feed for male quails, you can replace it. feed for parrots.
  6. At least 2 times a day change the water in the drinker.
Do not feed the birds with silage and sauerkraut, pig feed.


Additionally, vitamins are added and mixed into the feed from the following calculations (see table below):

Vitamins, mg / kg feedAge of birds, weeks
1-45-6Older than 6

Regarding trace elements in feed:

  • Manganese 80 mg / kg.
  • Zinc 75 mg / kg.
  • Copper 5 mg / kg.
  • Iron 100 mg / kg.
  • Iodine 0.3 mg / kg.
  • Cobalt 1 mg / kg.
  • Selenium 0.1 mg / kg.

How to water?

It all depends on where you take the water. If from the river, be sure to boil and let it cool. When you get out of a well or a well, let it warm up so that the birds do not catch a cold.

There is no need to boil tap water. Let it settle for chlorine to erode. If the water is in doubt, just pass it through the filter.

Once a week, pour a weak-pink solution of potassium permanganate into the troughs, alternating it with a solution of selenium. For prophylaxis, add vitamin C to water once every 10 days. 1-2 tablets of ascorbic acid per liter are enough.

But B vitamins are best added separately. Otherwise, the vitamins will destroy each other during a chemical reaction in water.

Standards feed table

Age, weeksFeed, gExchange energyCrude proteinCalciumPhosphorusSodium
over 10280,293705,040,670,170,07

How much feed should I give per day?

Quail egg breeds give 22-30 g feed per individual. For meat breeds the amount of feed is slightly more - 23-33 grams. On average, approximately 25 g per head. Feed fall asleep in the trough at 1/3 volume.

For adults, quails can already be given whole pears and apples. Fruit is clamped between the twigs of the cage.

Fish, onions worsen the taste and smell of meat, and carrots saturate the flesh of the meat with a beautiful color. Giving onions and garlic, remove all husks. Otherwise, it can clog the bird's ventricles, which will lead to its death.


So, there are many types of feed. Let's give some examples.

  • PC-5 (corn, sunflower or soybean cake, wheat, fish meal, etc.) - suitable for feeding the parent flock;
Compound feed PK-5
  • PC-1 and PC-2. For composition similar to PC-5, only cheaper because of the addition of bran barley or wheat and chalk. Consequently, adult birds are fed;
  • PC-2.2, PC-4, PC-6. These feeds are suitable for feeding quails. Although the best result gives a mixture of broiler feed for chickens (80%) and peas (20%);
Compound feeds saturated with protein are stored in accordance with the instructions.

What is the composition of feed?

Now let's take a closer look at the types of feed for quails of different ages.

For chicks

For chicks, it is better to replace the feed in the first weeks with premixes and protein-mineral supplements. Already grown fed starter feed.

Starter feeds contain corn, sunflower meal, soybean meal, wheat, fodder yeast.

For adult birds

In addition to the already described feed PC-1, PC 3-4, you can use specialized for quail. For example, - "Kramar".

For layers

To get eggs quails are fed with feed feeds Fidelif, PKP-52k, PC 2-6, Best Mix, Salvit or similar.

They include various cereals, grains, soybean and sunflower meal or cake, soybean extrudate, fish and meat and bone meal, corn, corn gluten, limestone, shell, micro- and macronutrients, vegetable oil, amino acids, various vitamins and minerals, premix, toxin adsorbent, antioxidant, multienzyme composition, antibacterial and therapeutic drug.

How to make feed with your own hands at home, proportions?

Experienced poultry breeders make their own feed.

Recipe 1

Here is a simple example of feed:

  • 100 g barley groats or barley;
  • 400 g corn grits;
  • 1 teaspoon meat and bone meal;
  • 0.5 teaspoon vegetable unrefined oil;
  • 50 g fish or ground beef;
  • 50 g cottage cheese.

Do not forget to add greens in the diet quail.

Recipe 2 (using premix)

The recipe for hens. In this and subsequent recipes you must add 10 grams of chalk.

  • 200 g corn;
  • 200 g wheat;
  • 80 g 10% premix for layers;
Premix for layers
  • 90 g sunflower meal (it is better to take roasted);
  • 90 g soybean meal;
  • 45 g meat and bone meal;
  • 45 g fodder yeast;
  • 30 g pea;
  • 10 g vegetable oil;

Recipe 3

  • 100 g carrots;
  • 200 g wheat;
  • 100 g sunflower meal;
  • 50 g soybean meal;
  • 30 g meat and bone meal;
  • 30 g fodder yeast;
  • 10 g sunflower oil;

Recipe 4

  • 100 g beets;
  • 50 g boiled potatoes;
  • 100 g cabbage;
  • 200 g millet;
  • 200 g semolina;
  • 50 g meat and bone meal;
Meat and bone meal
  • 5 boiled eggs;
  • 100 g cottage cheese;
  • 50 g fodder yeast;
  • 10 g vegetable oil;

Recipe 5

  • 100 g millet;
  • 100 g oatmeal;
  • 100 g cottage cheese;
  • 100 g minced fish;

Recipe 6

  • 100 g millet;
  • 100 g corn grits;
  • 100 g pea groats;
  • 50 g myakostochnoy or fish meal;
  • 100 g cottage cheese;

Recipe 7

Universal recipe, only the ratio of the weight fractions of the components changes, in accordance with the table below.

FeedAge days
1-56-1011-2021-3031-4041-5051-6061-90from 91
Meat and bone meal or fish meal13,57,5111516,522,522,5
Cottage cheese21010
Boiled egg3


Here are some final tips:

  • If there is no special feed, increase the amount of protein feed and herbs (carrots, cabbage).
  • Do not pick grass near the roads.
  • Fish waste and minced meat store at a temperature of -1 ... -3 ° C no more than 6 months.
  • Use the meat grinder (manual or electric) for mixing stuffing with other quail foods.
  • In the spring, during the breeding season quailDiversify the nutrition of breeding quail fodder mixture for parrots and canaries and eliminate from their diet a month before the factory feed.
  • Also add 1-2 tbsp. spoons of powdered milk in feed.