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Useful properties and contraindications of coriander honey


Coriander honey is not yet widespread, despite the fact that its composition is unique. This variety is especially valued for its high iron and manganese content.. Its color, aroma and taste attract many connoisseurs to enjoy a healthy and tasty product.

The taste and color of coriander honey

Amber or light brown the color of coriander honey is due to the high content of manganese and iron. Immediately after pumping it is transparent.

Coriander honey after pumping

Due to the presence of essential oils in its composition, honey has a rich, sharp, spicy aroma. Taste is specific, sweet with caramel flavor.

It crystallizes quickly: in 2 months after pumping it is structured into a coarse-grained mass. After sugaring honey darkens.

Ingredients: vitamins and minerals

Dark color of coriander honey indicates the presence of a large number of trace elements.

Glucose in the composition of this variety a lot. This explains its rapid crystallization. The high content of fructose allows it to be eaten in patients with diabetes. But this should be done in moderation, contraindications are listed below. Other varieties with a large amount of fructose should also be used.

Dark coriander honey in jars

Protein-carbohydrate composition is as follows:


Coriander honey contains more than three hundred minerals and trace elements.

The main following trace elements and mineral salts:

  • Manganese;
  • Iron;
  • Nickel;
  • Chromium;
  • Copper;
  • Fluorine;
  • Zinc;
  • Sodium;
  • Phosphorus;
  • Calcium;
  • Iodine;
Particular attention should be paid to manganese and iron. These elements in the composition more than in any other variety, which allows it to be an adjunct in the treatment of anemia.

In this honey, many essential amino acids. Ascorbic acid is a part (vitamin C), vitamins of group B, vitamin K and E, and others.

Honey is very nutritious. 100 g of the product contains about 310 kilocalories.

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Beneficial features

Coriander honey is taken as a painkiller, antispasmodic and antiseptic. The product improves digestion, increases appetite and potency. This variety provides an expectorant effect and heals wounds.. It activates mental activity, quickly tones the body. In addition, honey - choleretic and sedative.

Coriander honey comb

The composition of this variety allows you to successfully deal with harmful microbes, improve the body's immunity. Adults need only to eat two tablespoons of this delicacy a day - on an empty stomach in the morning and evening.

In addition to applications in medicine and food industry, he used in cosmetology as an additive in creams and face masks. The skin after the procedure becomes soft and silky, acne disappears.

Contraindications and harm

Patients with diabetes are advised to use honey after prior medical consultation. Children under two years do not need to give it.. Restrictions exist in the amount of taking, because coriander honey is high in calories.

You should be careful people who are allergic to bee products.

About honey plant coriander

The honey plant of this sort of honey is coriander. - Annual herbaceous plant. It is often called kolyanda, cilantro or kindzoy. He likes a warm climate, is found in the Caucasus and the Crimea.

The plant is considered medicinal, helps from nervous and mental diseases. Coriander leaves are used in cooking, cosmetics, fruits - in the confectionery industry as spices.

On the flower of coriander bee

During flowering, the plant spreads a peculiar smell that smells like bedbugs. Therefore, it is sometimes called klopovnik. But after ripening, coriander has a pleasant spicy flavor.

Honey plant blooms during the month - from the end of June. It is an excellent honey plant, nectar liberates abundantly.. In case of favorable weather, it may overtake sunflower.

Storage conditions

Coriander honey does not become hard even after crystallization. It is easily cut with a knife or scooped up with a spoon.

Optimum storage temperature - from 4 to 18 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of 60%. If this figure increases, honey in the open state absorbs moisture.

It is not recommended to store honey at temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius and below the same temperature, but with a minus sign. Otherwise, you can lose a lot of its useful properties.

For long term storage it is better to use glass containers and in no case - metal. We avoid its long stay under sunshine.

What are the main diseases treats?

Coriander honey helps to cope with sexual dysfunctions, flatulence, diseases of the duodenum, gastritis, liver, pancreas. Thanks to him, it is easier to cure helminthiasis and get rid of tachycardia.

Coriander Honey in Glass Jars

Honey helps with colds, bronchitis, early stages of asthma, other diseases of the respiratory tract, as well as avitaminosis and scurvy, headache and insomnia. It treats skin diseases, helps get rid of eye problems.

Due to high iron content coriander honey is useful for people suffering from anemia. Helps to cure gum diseases, heals wounds in the mouth.

Coriander honey is not a medicine, but it is used as an adjunct to the main treatment.

Pure coriander honey in Russia is a rarity. Linden, or honey from herbs, is much easier to find on shelves in stores and on the market. Those who managed to buy it, can count on the beneficial effects of this bee product on the body.