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Detailed description of the apple variety Belfleur Chinese


Probably many often see, passing by the summer cottage, apple trees with lots of small red apples. But in appearance, these trees are not particularly like apple trees, because their branches are not directed to the sides, like many apple trees, but upwards. In addition, the leaves are elongated, carved, and the fruits in one outlet can reach up to 6 pieces. But this is an old variety of apples - Chinese Belfleur. We will understand its properties, the characteristics of growing more.

Description of the variety Belfleur Chinese


Chinese Apple Belle

The Belfleur apple variety was bred by I. Michurin in 1908. This variety is considered a hybrid variety Belfleur yellow and Chinese large-fruited. Already since the beginning of 1947, the Belflee Chinese variety of apples began to spread in all regions of the USSR. At the exhibition of 1934 by I. V. Michurin they were recognized as the largest and most beautiful.

general description

The apple varieties Belle Flay Chinese have the following characteristics:

  1. Trees are very tall;
  2. Crown wide, round, with strong density;
  3. Trees have powerful skeletal boughs with densely overgrown fruit wood;
  4. Dark green leaves with a thick structure;
  5. On the surface of the leaves are strongly jagged veins;
  6. The edges of the leaves are raised uptip down;
  7. Place of fruit ovaries - Young twigs and last year's growth.
It is worth noting that at the time of flowering large flowers appear, their size in diameter is 3 cm, on long pedicels, which are collected in the form of inflorescence.

Fruit Characteristic

The fruits of apple Bellefle Chinese have large sizes

The Bellefle Chinese apples have the following qualities:

  • Fruits are largeThe average weight of one ripe apple is 190 grams;
  • The shape of the fruit is roundIt has a slightly elongated appearance;
  • Ripe fruit acquires primary yellow;
  • The cover shade of the fruit is pink, it is located on the surface of the peel in the form of stripes or spots;
  • The flesh is white in color, sometimes a slight yellow tint may be observed;
  • WITHpulp structure fine-grained, fairly dense.

The storage period of the plucked apples is no more than 2 months, in the subsequent period they begin to deteriorate.

Note that apples can be plucked when their skin is still yellow. However, during this period they should not be consumed, it is better to leave them to lie down so that they matured to the end. For full maturation, they should be left to lie in a slightly damp place for 14 days.

Ripening period and yield

The period of fruiting of trees comes eight years after planting. However, this variety does not have such a large number of fruits, compared with other autumn apple varieties. On average, in the eighth year after planting, an average of 50-70 kilograms of apples can be harvested from one tree. Approximately 15 years from a tree the crop can reach up to 200 kilograms. The average fruiting age for Chinese Bellefleur is 18 years.


Chinese apple Bellefleur requires external pollination

The Belfle Chinese variety apple tree belongs to the varieties requiring external pollination. Therefore, pollinators should be planted nearby. As pollinators for this variety, it is recommended to use apple varieties Antonovka, Cinnamon striped. Autumn striped.

Frost resistance

Belle Flavor Chinese Apple is one of the varieties that poorly tolerate severe frosts in winter. For this reason, it is grown not in many regions of Russia, only in those areas where the climate is not very harsh.

The council of gardeners, so that the apple tree of the Belflee China variety can better tolerate extreme frosts, you should attach the branch of the tree with the help of a clothespin to the more frost-resistant tree.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Apple trees have several advantages:

  1. Large apples with a beautiful appearance. The weight of one apple can sometimes reach 500-600 grams;
  2. Assembled harvest can be stored for a long time. If it is stored at a low temperature in a dry place, it can last up to 3 months;
  3. Excellent taste, thanks to which the fruits of this variety are considered dessert;
  4. Stable annual yieldwhich for 15 years does not decrease;
  5. Despite the fact that apples are large, they are almost never do not crumble from the branches;
  6. Can be used in cooking.
Chinese apple bellefleers bring stable harvest

However, there are negative qualities:

  • Tall treesthat creates difficulties for harvesting;
  • Poor cold tolerance in winter time;
  • Possess low resistance to pest damagevarious diseases;
  • Late fruiting. The first harvest after planting a tree occurs only in the ninth year of life;
  • Small fruiting period - 15 years.

Where to buy grade seedlings?

You can buy Belfleur apple seedlings in any market for the sale of planting material or in specialized stores that sell seeds and seedlings of fruit and berry plants. Also, seedlings can be ordered online in many online stores.

Regions of natural growth

This variety is suitable for cultivation in the following areas of Russia:

  1. North Caucasus - Rostov Region, Republic of Dagestan, Stavropol Territory;
  2. Central and Central Black Earth Region - Kursk, Voronezh, Belgorod regions.

In addition, this variety is grown in Ukraine and Armenia.

Planting rules seedlings

Planting apple trees varieties Belle Flay Chinese similar to planting other varieties of Chinese.

Young trees at the age of two or three years are suitable for planting. Seedlings of this age best take root and get sick less.

Landing is carried out in the fall at the end of September in the first half of October.

Autumn is the ideal time of year for planting apple seedlings

How to plant:

  • First you need make a hole. Size height and width of the hole depends on the size of the seedling;
  • Level well spacing must be 6 meters;
  • Sure to the bottom must be filled 1/3 of the fertilizer mixtureThis will ensure a better survival rate and accelerate growth;
  • Plant young trees necessary 14 days after preparation of the wells;
  • Near need put a stick or pegto which the sapling will be attached after planting;
  • After 14 days you need put the planting material in the holehaving previously straightened all the roots;
  • Be sure to end the tree is filled with water. For one seedling will need up to 3-4 buckets of water.

Care rules


In spring, in early March, when the temperature level does not decrease minus 10 degrees, you can begin cutting the branches of a tree. Formative pruning is carried out from the second year after planting of planting material.

Apple tree pruning scheme

Trimming rules:

  1. During primary circumcision the formative type removes the branches that compete with the base, without the stump being inserted;
  2. Branches extending from the main branches at an angle of 30 degrees, at the base have an influx in the form of a ring. On top of this ring is cutting branches;
  3. Need to cut all the old branches, as well as branches that cause difficulties for the normal development of the tree.
It is recommended to immediately cover up the places of circumcision with garden pitch or paint based on drying oil.

Top dressing and watering

Peculiarities of watering and fertilizing Belleplet Chinese varieties of apple trees depending on the seasons:

  1. In the spring need to do fertilizing, which consists of urea and ash;
  2. Summer plentiful watering of trees is done, in arid time;
  3. In June trees should be watered with a solution of copper sulfate and boric acid;
  4. In the autumn make a fertilizer mixture. Superphosphate (30 grams per 1 square meter) and wood ash (2 cups per 1 square meter) should be used as fertilizers.

Diseases and pests

It is better to process before the buds swell. If spraying done after the appearance of the first buds, they simply burn.

Drugs that are processed in the first stage:

  • Copper sulphate solution 1%. For an apple tree at the age of 10, 2 liters is enough, then the level of the drug rises to 5 liters;
  • Nitrofen. For treatments, a 3% solution is used, 300 ml of the preparation is added per 10 liters. For a young plant, it takes 1.5 liters, for an adult from 3 to 5 liters;
  • Urea. 500 grams of urea is added to 10 liters of water. On one tree enough 2.5 liters of solution.

After this is done second treatment. It is done after blooming buds, but before the first flowers appear - the end of March - the beginning of April.

For processing should use the tools:

  1. Copper sulphate solution. 1 kg of the drug is added to 15 liters of water;
  2. Bordeaux liquid 3%. Separately, in 3 liters of hot water, dilute 300 grams of lime and 300 grams of copper sulfate. After that, in both parts should be added to 5 liters of cold water. At the end, a solution of lime is introduced into the solution of vitriol;
  3. Colloidal sulfur. 80 grams of the drug is added in 10 liters.
For young stock, up to 2 liters of these preparations will be required, for adult trees - from 3 liters to 4 liters.

After 21 days have passed since the first flowers appeared, branches and foliage need to be treated with solutions:

After flowering, apple trees need to be processed.
  • Benzophosphate. On 10 liters of water 70 grams of funds are added. In season used no more than 2 times. For young animals you need 1.5 liters, for adults from 11 years old - 4-5 liters;
  • Karbaphos. For 10 liters of water you need to add 60 grams of funds. For a tree up to 10 years it will take no more than 4 liters, for apple trees over 10 years old - up to 7 liters.


Helena:"I have been in the Tambov region, Belfle Chinese people have been practicing apple trees since Soviet times. So we have only one tree of this variety left in the garden. The apple tree is tall, the branches are not spreading, on the contrary, they grow straight up. At the time of ripening, the fruit is amazing. Apples are juicy, sweet, the flesh has a pinkish shade "Sortoved

Tatyana: "I have been growing apple trees for a long time. There are no apple varieties on my site, and Antonovka, Sinap, Peter the Great, and of course Bellefle Chinese. We take care of quite unpretentious. We try to fertilize chicken droppings in the spring. aid funds that are used for other trees "Sadovino

Karina: "My relatives in the south of Russia have a Chinese variety Belfleur tree growing in the garden. It has been growing for about 7 years. Small fruits appear on the tree during fruiting, when ripe they turn red. In my opinion, those who want to eat apples, Sit this cell is not worth it, although the amateur "Sadovino

The apple varieties Belle Flay Chinese are rather capricious plants that require increased attention. During cultivation it is necessary to provide full care.. Fertilizer, pruning, watering, protection from frost, these are all conditions that must be met when growing this plant. But as a result, you can get a good and high-quality crop.