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6 popular compound fertilizers for vegetables and plants

Every gardener knows that plants need additional feeding to get a good harvest. However, the soil also requires special attention. Indeed, in the process of growing plants take a large amount of nutrients from the soil. Over time, the soil is depleted and in order to maintain it, it is necessary to regularly make different complexes of minerals and trace elements. The composition of the soil, depending on the regions is different and requires a reasonable approach to this event. After all, for each soil you need your own set of trace elements. To facilitate this task, complex fertilizers have been developed.

Varieties of complex dressings

These fertilizers are presented in the form of a balanced complex of trace elements and minerals. The composition of such a complex can include up to 15 different trace elements.

Comprehensive dressings are mixed and complex. Their difference is that in one granule of mixed composition contains one trace element. There are two different chemicals in soljos mixed in different proportions. Complicated fertilizers are of two types:

  • two-component;
  • three-component.

Complex fertilizer BioMaster

The composition of this fertilizer includes a complex of various trace elements and salts of humic acids, which contribute to the improvement of the absorption of beneficial substances in the soil. It activates the activity of microorganisms that are in the soil and supply useful trace elements to the plants.

In the composition of this feeding the following trace elements:

  • N;
  • P;
Fertilizer BioMaster
This dressing is also an excellent plant growth stimulant. Bring feeding in the spring. When performing foliar and root dressing this fertilizer should be diluted. To enrich the composition of the soil is recommended to use in dry form.

Benefits of feeding

  • universal fertilizer;
  • optimally selected composition;
  • highly concentrated drug;
  • consumption when using the minimum;
  • not a high price.

BioMaster is used for:

  • soaking seeds -10 ml of fertilizer per three liters of water;
  • feeding seedlings - diluted with 10 ml in 15 liters of water;
  • top-dressing of vegetable crops - 30 grams per 10 liters of water;
  • for the improvement of soil-1 kilogram per 20 square meters. meters;
  • for feeding flowers - 25 grams per 500 ml of water;
  • for feeding lawns -22 grams per 1 square meter.

With proper storage, the product is suitable for use for five years.

Reakom Mikom

This fertilizer domestic manufacturer is a highly efficient, environmentally friendly high-quality fertilizer in a biologically active form.

Its structure includes:

  • Co;
  • Fe;
  • Z;
  • Cu;
  • Mo;
  • N;
  • B;
  • S;
  • Mn.

It is used for feeding seedlings from planting to harvest.

Fertilizer Reak Mik


  • activates germination;
  • normalizes the exchange process;
  • improves the process of photosynthesis;
  • develops immunity to diseases;
  • speeds up the flowering process;
  • increases yield;
  • reduces the level of nitrates;
  • improves the quality of vegetables.

Good strength

Liquid complex fertilizer used for various types of plants, aimed at enhancing growth and accelerate the flowering process.

The composition of the feeding include:

  • B;
  • Fe;
  • Zn;
  • Mn;
  • Cu;
  • Mo;
  • Co;
  • N;
  • P;
  • K.


  • contains a balanced set of nutrients that contribute to the revitalization of plant growth;
  • improves plant immunity to various diseases.
Fertilizer Good power

Mode of application:

  • for foliar application, 5 ml of fertilizer diluted in 1 liter of water. This solution irrigate the leaves. It is not recommended to get funds on the flowers;
  • for root feeding, dilute 5 ml in 500 ml. water.
The finished solution can not be stored for more than three days!

Complex AVA fertilizer

This fertilizer is a long-lasting feed. Dissolving gradually, it lasts a long period of time feeding the plants with all the necessary nutrients. The work of this feeding is not affected by a change in temperature. It works year-round. Bring this dressing no more than once a year.

The composition of this fertilizer includes:

  • Mo;
  • K;
  • Ca;
  • Mg;
  • Mn;
  • Co;
  • P;
  • B;
  • Fe;
  • Cu;
  • Si;
  • Se.

This feed is missing nitrogen, however, it contains molecules that activate the multiplication of bacteria that fix nitrogen. Receiving nitrogen from the air, these molecules redirect it to the roots of the plant.

AVA fertilizer


  • activates the germination of seeds;
  • not washed by rain;
  • accelerates the growth of the root system;
  • promotes the proliferation of bacteria that absorb nitrogen from the atmosphere;
  • stimulates plant growth;
  • strengthens immunity to temperature extremes and various diseases;
  • reduces the amount of nitrates;
  • improves the taste and quality of the fruit;
  • Dissolution occurs at a temperature of +9 degrees. At low temperatures, fertilizing does not work.


This fertilizer is a nitrogen-phosphorus complex. It is the most effective among superphosphates, highly soluble in water.

It is applied to any kind of soil in any period of plant development. Due to phosphorus, which is part of ammophos, its introduction into the soil stimulates the development of a strong root system, the rapid development of plants and the growth of new shoots. Increases plant immunity to disease and weather changes.

Fertilizer Ammophos


  • strengthens the root system;
  • increases immunity to diseases;
  • improves the taste of the fruit;
  • increases yields.


Refers to complex mixed three-component fertilizers. It includes:

  • N;
  • P;
  • K;
  • Mn;
  • B;
  • Cu;
  • Co;
  • Mo;
  • Mg;
  • Zn.

All substances included in the composition nitrophoska are salts. This fertilizer stimulates an increase in the yield of vegetable and fruit crops.

It is necessary to strictly follow the recommended norms of application to get a green crop!
Fertilizer Nitrophoska


  • universal application;
  • economical to use;
  • dissolve quickly and are absorbed by the root system;
  • affordable price.

The advantages of combined fertilizers are that the composition of such fertilizers includes a complex of trace elements necessary for plants. Whereas single fertilizer enters mono-fertilizer and in order to saturate the soil with all the necessary substances you will have to buy many different drugs. It is not economical in price and time consuming when making.

Complex fertilizers contribute to the good development of plants, increase yield and immunity to disease. This greatly facilitates the work of farmers.