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Detailed description of the cherry variety Molodezhnaya


Cherry is a valuable and useful dietary product. Today, many gardeners prefer unpretentious and at the same time high-yielding varieties of cherries. Cherry variety Molodezhnaya perfectly combines these qualities, described in this article.

The main characteristics of the variety Youth

The youth variety of the cherry variety was bred by Kh. D. Enikeev together with S.N. Saratov. They crossed two sorts of cherries among themselves: Lyubskaya and Vladimirskaya. In 1993, the resulting cherry variety was listed in the state register.

. Их вес достигает пяти граммов. Средней величины косточка довольно легко отделяется от мякоти. Ягоды имеют продолговатую форму. Плотные плоды устойчивы к транспортировке и механическим повреждениям.

Вишня этого сорта насыщена витаминами и органическими кислотами, а также фосфором, калием.

Во вкусе плодов преобладает сладость, поэтому их часто используют при приготовлении разнообразных десертных блюд. Ягоды прекрасно подходят для употребления в свежем виде.

Положительные и отрицательные качества

Молодёжная обладает множеством положительных качеств.

К ним можно отнести такие характеристики:

  • хорошая переносимость цветковыми почками понижение температуры воздуха;
  • устойчивость растения к воздействию грибковых заболеваний;
  • ягоды удобно транспортировать, так как они довольно плотные;
  • самоплодность вишни позволяет опылят соседние несамоплодные растения;
  • растение устойчиво к понижению температуры воздуха и к засушливым периодам летом;
  • в ягодах большое количество витаминов, микроэлементов, пектинов.

  • every year the plant must be treated with fungicides to prevent various diseases;
  • it is necessary to carefully select a place for landing, the ideal option is a plain with gentle winds;
  • every year it is necessary to make dressing with phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium;
  • to avoid overgrowing, the plant should be regularly cut.

These features of care in no way detract from the value of Youth.

The cultivation of cherries of this variety and the rules for her care

In order for the plant to enjoy a rich harvest, need to properly care for hers Not a small role in this is the choice of place and time of landing.

Where and at what time to plant?

The location for the Molodezhnaya Cherry is preferable to choose on a low hill that is not blown by the winds and at the same time gets enough sunlight.

The most favorable soil for growing youth is sandy with neutral acidity.

It is necessary to plant seedlings either in early spring or early autumn (end of September). So the plant adapts to the winter cold and calmly overwinter. With later planting times, the risk that the plant will not apply is increased.

  • Before the first fruiting is necessary lime treatment plants.
  • When planting a 2-year-old sapling it is necessary to strike a pruning. First of all, all shoots are cut off at an angle of 90 degrees from the branches. Next, a plant “skeleton” is planned - three main branches. All branches are cut around the main branches, in addition to those that diverge at right angles from the trunk.

    Cherry Care Rules

    Although cherry is a rather unpretentious plant. To obtain a rich harvest, you must follow some rules in caring for it.

    • Every year it is necessary to carry out the treatment of funcidal drugs. This is to protect the plant from various fungal diseases. Especially carefully you need to approach this issue if in the neighborhood of a cherry tree an already infected tree grows.
    • It is necessary to regularly apply top dressing to the soil.. To do this, in the spring it is necessary to fertilize youth nitrogen fertilizer, and in the fall - potash and phosphate fertilizers. A positive effect on the growth and development of cherries has fertilizing from compost or manure.
    • Even if only one plant of this species is planted on the site, the harvest will be received in one hundred percent of cases. This is due to the ability to self-pollination and the successful structure of flowers - the pistil and stamens are of equal height.
    • When planting a seedling with its own roots, the crop will be already 3-4 years old.. And if the tree is properly grafted, berries can form even earlier than this period.
    • Great confrontation to various fungal diseases.
    • Negative feature is accelerated overgrowing.. Therefore, it is necessary to remove unnecessary branches in a timely manner so as not to obscure the sunlight.

    Cherry exposure to youth exposed to diseases and pests

    Youth, unlike many other varieties of cherries, is resistant to fungal diseases.

    The most dangerous disease for this variety is moniliasis.. In this disease, branches gradually dry out. In this case, the plant may be completely affected by this disease, as well as its individual parts.

    Vladimir: In my garden ripe berries Youth. I liked it very much! The taste of berries pleased, more sweet than sour. The only drawback is the height of the bush, only 50 cm from the ground.

    Nikolay: Raised Youth near Chocolate. So many berries for the season have never seen. Trees are literally sprinkled with cherries!

    Michael: With grade Youth is familiar. A large number of positive properties. The plant is productive, self-fertile, tolerates winter well. The berries hang on the bushes for a rather long time and do not crumble.

    Youth cherry variety is the favorite of a large number of summer residents. The plant is distinguished by high yield due to self-fertility. It is even cultivated on an industrial scale.