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When and how to cut the cherry


Blooming cherry with sprawling nuts - charming garden decoration. A large number of varieties of cherries pleases any gardener and lover of its fruits.

A tree may also be interested in its form, which can be represented in the form of a tree or a bush with branchy branches.

So that the tree could please with its shape, abundant harvest, it is necessary to care for it with care and thoroughness. Pruning cherries serves as the main care.

The nuances of the procedure: when to do it and how

The most important in the vitality of the cherry is her trim pruning in the spring.

The operation will provide an opportunity to form the correct form of the crown, which allows sufficient air circulation and the penetration of the required amount of sun in order for the fruits to ripen.

Crown formation begins after the tree has reached the age of four years. Since cherry culture is thermophilic, it does not like frost and the trimming operation itself.

For this the best period for this will be second half of march, to exclude cases of freezing. Dates may vary for each climate zone.

The beginning of the circumcision should be made before the start of sap flow. First of all, frozen and diseased branches are cut so that they do not infect the tree itself, and branches that drink the sap of the tree or are damaged.

Any the cut is necessary to cover with ointment after trimming or garden pitch. Pruning also depends on whether it is a bush tree or tree cherry.

Formation of the crown begins after the tree has reached the age of four years, the best period for this will be the second half of March

Scheme and features of spring pruning

Spring pruning is key to form a fruit tree. With regular pruning for several years it can be limited only to pruning during this period of the year.

What time is best to start cutting the cherry? Summer resident with the experience will give a definite answer - in April.

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A cherry tree is a heat-loving tree, therefore shortening of the branches should be started. after the kidneys swell on them.

This operation will determine the frostbitten branches during the winter and arrange the tree crown for the summer season.

This should happen this way:

  1. Remove branches, thickening crown, branches that grow upward, should be cut off under the base, leaving branches that are parallel to the ground.
  2. With an escape length of up to thirty centimeters, it is not worth touching. Delete only those branches that will prevent the rest from developing. At the end of the event, cut the barrel itself. It is enough for him to rise above the frame at a distance of up to twenty centimeters.

Works should be carried out before the juice starts moving, so that the tree does not get sick and then recover for a long time.

Greater attention will require trimming felt cherries. After the development of the seedling for the first year, the branches should be shortened to half a meter; next year, remove about a quarter of the side branches.

Felt cherry does not yield, having a dense crown, so leave strong branches and shorten them to ten centimeters, all remaining shoots must be removed right down to the base.

Pruning cherry in spring:

Correct pruning in summer

Has a supporting role. When a tree is in a state of vegetation, any incision will be prolonged. When the branches are removed in the summer, it turns out that they were pulling nutrients in the spring in vain.

In the summer you need to perform crown correctionby removing the diseased branches.

The affected branch must be removed and burned. and it does not depend on the seasons. This will prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the dacha!

Whether and how to do it in the fall

Spring pruning helps the tree to wake up after winter, and the implementation of such work in the autumn period will contribute to the preparation for a long winter.

Cherry is a stone fruit crop, it is recommended to cut it in summer and autumn. A beginner gardener is afraid of shortening the branches near a cherry tree in the fall, which can harm the tree.

Perform pruning should be depending on the area of ​​location. The southern regions may be engaged in pruning cherries until November, the northern - until mid-September.

The best will be the moment when the movement of juices slows downthat indicates the end of the growing season. Cherry is a heat-loving plant and cuts must be tightened until it is frozen, otherwise the branch will wither.

A sapling that is prepared to meet the first time winter, can not be pruned, because it can not withstand the winter cold.

The scheme of work is as follows:

  • need to remove branches that interfere with other normal development. Skeletal branches forming the crown may be an exception;
  • fine branches better cut in spring;
  • when removing the branches, approach the pruning from the point of view of the rejuvenating effect of the plant, which should lead to an increase in fruiting;
  • a tree should not have branches that extend as an acute angle from the trunk;
  • Any of the cuts must be processed by barb or other special means.
Spring pruning will help the tree to wake up after winter, any of the slices should be processed by barb or other special means

Required to know gardener

Bush and tree varieties of cherries require different approaches.

Treelike cherries do not need to prune shoots, it hurts the plant. The crown should be gradually shortened to a height of 3 meters.

With rapid growth, when the length of the branches increases by forty to fifty centimeters annually, the branches should be thinned out, which will lead to the formation of the correct crown.

At decrease in growth of a tree, it is necessary to cut off the branches which are not giving fresh branches.

Bush cherries can be cut more boldly, shortening all branches to fifty centimeters. Frame and secondary branches are best cut in two stages.

Bush and tree varieties of cherries require different approaches to pruning

When pruning skeletal branches in the current year, the processing of minor branches may be postponed for the next season.

When processing such a cherry, pay attention to the young shoots. It is necessary to leave fruitful branches, so as not to reduce the yield of the tree.

Advice to beginners: when making operations with seedlings, use a garden knife or saw. Secateurs can cause damage to immature branches of the tree, it is better to use it for pruning an adult tree.

How to form a tree cherry in spring

Cherry processing is a process that requires accuracy. Branches below seventy centimeters above the ground are removed, pruning should be carried out at an angle, removing the branches that are intertwined. Crohn's need to give a vase shape.

Annual shoots shorten slightlyto get the lateral ramifications and new bouquet twigs. The height of such a cherry should be no higher than three and a half meters.

How to cut bush cherries

It must be thoroughly thinned.. Spring pruning of this variety of trees has several features due to the tendency to thickening, resulting in shredding of fruits and loss of yield.

The branches at the bottom of the crown should be to the trunk no more than forty degrees, so as not to further lead to crown fractures. To create a powerful skeleton required pruning of branches that tend to compete with the main trunk.

Saplings with a two-year age, cut branches that have reached half a meter in length. They can be shortened by a third and remove shoots inclined to the ground.

The shoots are left in plants that have grown to eighty centimeters, they are shortened to the buds. Work should tool with good sharpening.

Features of cutting young cherry

Spring pruning provides a strong, fruiting plant with a good crown and a strong root system. First you need to define the branch leader - the strongest vertical branch.

In order to form the crown, leave five branches.which can be located at a distance of ten centimeters from each other and sent in different directions.

Shoots growing diagonally or at an angle should be pruned, processes on the trunk should be removed to strengthen the nutrition of the tree. Pruning intersecting branches is required.

Bushy cherry fruiting on the shoots, which are one year old. Therefore, pruning cherries in the spring should be done with great care.

Cherry pruning:

How can you rejuvenate an old tree for a good harvest

Mature cherry also requires rejuvenation, spring pruning which will lead to increased yields. But do not immediately remove a large number of branches.

Exposure of bush cherry branches talks about the need for pruning. Branches are cut in half or one third.

Skeletal and semi-skeletal branches should be cut to the sleeping buds. In one year, you need to cut the skeletal branches, on the other - semi-skeletal, so you need to plant enough strength for fruiting.

Tree variety rejuvenates differently. Annual shoots need to be shortened a little, because the fruits appear on them.

The crown is rejuvenated if the base of the skeletal branches is bare, and during the year they grow by no more than fifteen centimeters. When the branch dries out, you need to cut it.

Spring pruning of an old cherry tree will provide an opportunity to improve the yield

Do I need to prune felt cherry branches?

This variety brings juicy and tender fruit. Fruiting begins the next year after planting, having a high yield. This can be achieved by proper care and timely pruning.

Pruning should be done every year.as the crown thickens. Harvest give annual shoots. But they need to be shortened by a third with a length of shoots exceeding sixty centimeters.

Spring pruning cherry implies the elimination of patients with damage or branches directed inward. After pruning should be at least twelve strong branches.

Spring pruning should be carried out, taking into account the condition of the tree and its varietal affiliation. Young trees in this case will allow to achieve a high yield.

Pruning felted cherries should be done every year, because the crown is thickened, and the fruits give only one-year shoots

Tips for beginners: the trimming process in detail

Pruning seedlings will require careful attitude and patience. The cut should be done with attention, leaving no stumps, because after the frosts on them there is gum. The formation of branches should be made to the outside of the inside of the crown.

Prune the branches of the cherry tree possible with their sufficient strength. She needs thinning to lighten the sun crown.

Pruning Cherry: neglected places are well thinned, removed dry. To prevent the multiplication of pests, cut the branches burned.

Conducting pruning cherries will improve the health of the tree, clean the crown, increase yields, destroy pests.