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The best grades of blackcurrant for different regions


On the whole territory of Russia, black currant grows near each house. Undemanding to the composition of the soil, accustomed to the harsh winters, it gives a crop even in the subarctic zone. This garden culture bears fruit even in Yakutia and Khibiny, reached Sakhalin to the east and Krasnodar Territory in the south.

She inherited such a universal adaptability to the vagaries of the weather from a wild ancestor - the forest currant. There are a lot of varieties and varieties, therefore it is very difficult for a beginning gardener (and not only) to make a choice.

Choosing varieties for central Russia

Early grade of blackcurrant Exotic

Than only do not differ grades:

  1. Purpose
  2. Ripening,
  3. The size of the berries
  4. Productivity,
  5. The taste of berries
  6. Resistance to diseases and pests
  7. Winter hardiness ...

It is very easy to figure out the purpose of the variety:

  • the berries are tasty by themselves - this is a dessert variety,
  • thin-skinned, but unnecessarily sour - boil jam or grind with sugar;
  • berries with dense strong skin freeze,
  • universal (understandable).

In order not to be mistaken, it is necessary to choose only zoned varieties.. Only on such bushes you can consistently and without much effort get a high yield.

The ripening period, the size of the berries, their taste may differ not only from the growing region, but even from the watering or composition of the soil. Already at a distance of more than 200 kilometers, the characteristics of a variety can change significantly.

If you live in the middle lane, you should look at these varieties:

Early - end of JuneDikovinka, Selechinskaya, Exotica, Openwork, Summer Resident, Orloviya, Exotica
Medium - since mid-JulyBlack Pearl, Loyalty, Perun, Green Haze, Zusha
Late - fruits from the end of July - August ...Kipiana, Viper, Venus, Mermaid

Among the first to bear fruit, Selechinskayabecause it combines the best qualities of ancestors - wild currant and gooseberry.

Most varieties have an Achilles heel - they cannot grow without abundant watering. But Selechenskaya calmly copes with summer drought and frosty winters, which makes his choice suitable for any region of Russia.

Early grade of black currant Selechenskaya

To all this, also add five kilos from a bush large berries the size of a cherry. There are no special advantages in varieties that are intermediate between early and late ones. They give less berries, and this is not because the varieties are not good enough.

Just the period of their fruiting falls on the period of summer heat and dry winds.

The main purpose of these varieties is to fill a niche before the later, most productive varieties.

Ripening berries of late varieties lasts from the end of July to. the end of autumn. Wherein Kipiana variety has a yield of up to 5 kg and resistant to powdery mildew and not afraid of kidney mite.

Late variety of black currant Kipian

The kernel yields the harvest late, but these berries can rival in size even with grapes - even 8 grams. There is a case when an experienced gardener has reached the size of a metal ruble!

Late grade of blackcurrant Vigorous

Yadryonaya bush usually gives almost 4 kilograms of berries. The popularity of the variety is due to its resistance to pests and fungal diseases.

Currant for Siberia

Siberia is known not only in harsh winters, but also in hot, dry summers. These stressful weather conditions easily tolerate zoned Siberian varieties:

Early varietiesLama, Nick, Present for Kuzior
AverageAltayanka, Agata, Galinka, Rita, Globular, Zabava, Prestige, Ksyusha
LateMila, Harmony

New varieties successfully withstand not only frost, but also arid heat. They are able to resist the main fungal diseases and insect pests.

The varieties in question are also setting records in terms of precocity: the first harvest from the currant bush new variety Nika reaches 1.2 kilograms.

Early grade of blackcurrant of Nick

Berries of Siberian currant Krupnoplodnaya Litvinova reach even 6 grams!

Black currant Large Litvinova

What are the most large-fruited varieties?

Undoubtedly, the leaders of the list will be varieties of unusually large berries.

Grade nameBrief description of the variety
Vigorousmedium late variety of universal purpose berries from 3 to 8 grams non-one-dimensional, yield 3-6 kilograms from a bush, non-one-dimensionality of fruits, quickly grows old
Dobrynyauniversal purpose, fruits in the second half of July, berries up to 7 grams are also non-one-dimensional, almost five kilograms can be removed from the bush
Selechenskaya-2universal variety, fruits in early July. Berry picking - up to 5 kilograms from a bush

The best large-fruited varieties: Vigorous, Selechenskaya, Globus, Pygmy.

When choosing a super-large-fruited variety, one should not forget that usually such plants require additional fertilizing and watering, especially in dry summer and, if they are planted on sandy soils.

The most resistant varieties

Practically do not get sick, which means - The crop is ecologically the purest in varieties:

  • drought resistant - Dobrynya, Gulliver, Raisin;
  • disease resistant - Sibylla, Gross, Gamma, Gulliver, Sevca, Globus, Muravushka;
  • cold resistant - Sybil, Venus, Romance, Globe, Pearl, Rhapsody, Vigorous;
  • pest resistant - Orloviya, Kipiana, Grace, Gamma.

Gourmand, too, there is plenty to choose from

In the assessment above 4.5 points credits the grade in the dessert category: Centaur, Perun, Selechenskaya, Selechenskaya-2, Nadiya, Venus, Oryol waltz, Slastena, Bomond, Nestor Kozin, Tisel, Ural sweet, Raisin, Black eye.

The variety Raisin has an interesting feature: after ripening, the berries are not showered from the stem, but are gradually “healed”, whence the name of the variety.

Black Currant Raisin

The best of the early varieties - Pearl, Black Boomer, Raisin, Legend.

Blackcurrant Black Boomer

Lazy person - late variety with very large berries up to 6 grams.

Blackcurrant Lazy

What is new for the residents of the Moscow region?

The weather in the Moscow region is characterized by a relatively mild winter and a rather warm, humid summer. It is such a climate like black currants. However, the soil composition varies even in areas of the Moscow region.

It is necessary to select varieties not according to yield or taste, but exclusively, adapted to the specificity of the soil composition of the region.

The most famous among the gardeners are varieties: Velaya, Memory Lisavenko, Sudarushka, Dobrynya, Vigorous.

To eat berries throughout the season, you need to choose from the following varieties:

EarlySevchanka, Nara, Moscow black, Dar Smolyaninovoy, Golubichka, Selechenskaya, Selechenskaya-2
AverageDobrynya, Green Haze, Darkie, Orlovskaya Serenade, Daughter, Izmailovskaya, Paulinka, Perun
LateVologda, Lazy, Velay
It should be noted that late varieties for the Moscow region are not the best choice. Summer residents simply may not have time to take advantage of all the best qualities of the same, for example, Lazy - berries may not ripen.

Variety Yadrenaya, as already noted, summer residents are highly appreciated for many literally unique qualities:

  • high yield
  • very large plum berries,
  • compact bush
  • self-fertility
  • winter hardiness
  • precocity.

Even if you are shocked by the size and taste of the berries, you need to find out some more of its characteristics.

What characteristics first need to pay attention:

  • self-fertility (no additional pollinator is needed),
  • susceptibility to diseases and pests
  • resistance to spring frosts and other weather factors.
If you plant several varieties nearby (even self-fruited), the berries will be much larger.

Therefore, stress resistant Gulliver will not create problems with weather vagaries, and Dar Smolyaninovoy will please the early harvest even without chemical treatments for pests and diseases.

Black Currant Gulliver

Another gift to fans of environmental products - variety Oryol Serenade, which is almost not afraid of kidney mite , and from fungal diseases - powdery mildew.

Black Currant Oryol Serenade

Grade Selechenskaya-2 with its increased environmental plasticity, is not afraid of the lack of water and unsuitable soils. As a result, the summer resident will get his 5 kilograms of cherry-sized berries from the bush.


It is very difficult to choose a suitable variety of black currant bush., but the correct solution to this problem for the ordinary summer resident exists. It is to purchase zoned modern varieties of different ripening terms. Their high yields, unpretentiousness, harmonious taste qualities have already been confirmed in home gardens throughout the country.