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Characteristics and description of the potato variety Colombo


Colombo potatoes are quite a popular variety, used both in horticulture and for planting in large areas. Differs in good transportability, keeping quality and excellent taste.. The characteristics of this variety and cultivation features can be found below.

General information about the variety Colombo

Early Colombo Potatoes

To choose the necessary cultivar for cultivation in own garden it is necessary to become familiar with it, and not only with the taste, but also with the rules of its cultivation.


PeelRather thin with amber color.
EyesSmall 0.2 mm.
PulpIt has a cream color.
The formElongated-oval.
Starch12-14 %.
Average tuber weight18-130 gr. (depends on the number of tubers in the bush)
BushUpright, sprawling. Its height is 55 cm.
FlowersWhite with a lilac shade.
When frying, the slices do not fall apart and retain their shape.

Characteristic varieties from Finland

Colomba potatoes have even rounded oval tubers with yellow flesh

Potatoes are table purpose and suitable for cooking any dishes in the home kitchen. It has an early ripening, you can start digging the first potato 45 days after planting. A fully grown potato will be ready for digging for 65 days. Maturation can be judged by its bush, which by this time is completely dry. The harvest from one square meter will be almost 5 kg.

This variety is produced in large quantities in Finland, and this mistakenly affects the fact that this country is considered its homeland. In fact, it was produced in Holland, and he is a sort of Dutch selection.

What region of Russia is it intended for?

This variety is zoned for cultivation in such regions of Russia:

  • Chernozem region;
  • North Caucasus;
  • Volgo-Vyatsky district;
  • Northwest region;
  • Central District.
Colomba - a popular early variety in Ukraine and Russia


According to general reviews of gardeners Colombo has high marks for such properties:

  • It has, above all, good delicate taste and does not boil soft;
  • It has attractive appearance tubers, which has a positive effect on its sale;
  • Precocity - there are areas that receive two crops each;
  • Absolutely unpretentious care for their plantings;
  • Resilient to dry periods;
  • Large yield;
  • Resistance to various diseases.
Colombo potatoes should be stored in a dry cellar with good ventilation and a temperature of + 2 ... + 4 ° С

There is only one drawback of this variety - its poor keeping quality. It requires special storage places, as it is stored for only half a year in an ordinary basement.. That is, for consumption, it will be kept until the beginning of spring, but for landing it is difficult to keep planting material in a poorly prepared basement.

Possessing such qualities, potatoes are in great demand.

Potato growing

To get a good harvest is to learn the rules of its cultivation.

Landing rules

Basic rules that must be followed when growing:

  1. First of all, sunny plot is selected and digs, simultaneously introduced humus and get rid of weeds.
In low, wet areas with heavy soils, Colombo potatoes are planted in raised beds
  1. Depending on the quality of the soil on the site, the method that is suitable for growing potatoes is selected. If the site is close to the groundwaterthen the best method of planting is planting it in ridges 40 cm high. With such a planting it will dry out better and there will be no rot on the tubers of the potato.
  2. Having decided on the planting method, germinated Tubers are laid in prepared holes 7 cm deep. according to the scheme 35x80 cm
  3. If the tuber is more than 5 cm its diameter is divided into parts so that each has a sprout and flesh. This part is worth drying for 5 days, so as not to cause it to rot after landing in the ground.
Planting chopped tubers allows you to quickly multiply the new variety of potatoes
  1. In each well add 250 grams of ashthat will serve as potash fertilizer to increase yields.
  2. After emergence of shoots they spud three times to grow more tubers.
It is necessary to follow the general rules when planting potatoes to get a good harvest.

Features of growing

A good feature of this variety is that in the southern regions of Russia you can get 2 potato harvests. For the second crop tubers are planted in August, and the crop is harvested in October.

At the second harvest, planting potatoes are almost never affected by pests.

Care rules

When growing potato sprouts to a height of 15 cm, the first hilling of the sprouts is carried out. It is also worthwhile to carry out weeding from weeds, clogging the tops of potatoes. Hilling increases ground reeling around roots for increased tuberization.

Watering potatoes in their beards - the easiest, high quality and cheap way

Since the tubers develop well only in a slightly damp ground, it is best to irrigate in hot weather once a week. Faster and better watering will be on the furrows. They are obtained by hilling potatoes and go along the line of planted tubers. After watering it is necessary to make the appropriate fertilizer and remove weeds. After all these manipulations, in order to prevent the earth from being crusted, it is necessary to loosen the soil, so that oxygen goes to the root system of potatoes.

It is necessary to make timely watering, fertilization and loosening, as this serves as the basis for obtaining an increased yield.

Diseases and pests

Differs a variety of great resistance. to potato cancer, to the golden nematode and to scabappearing on potatoes.

DiseaseMaximum 9 points
Common scab6.5 points.
Late blight
  • 4 points - tops;
  • 6 points - tubers.
Drought tolerance5 points.

From pests, as always, on it you can find the Colorado potato beetle. If the potato is planted on one weave, then it can be harvested by hand, at the same time destroying the eggs on the back of the leaf plate. If it is a commercial landing, the Colorado potato beetle is destroyed with the help of various fungicides sold in specialized garden centers.

It should periodically inspect planted potatoes and periodically destroy the Colorado potato beetle.

By purchasing this variety, you can be sure that you get a good harvest of tasty potatoes. The main thing is to take care of planted potatoes, and he will thank the gardener with the quantity and quality of the crop.