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Detailed description and characteristics of the strawberry jolie variety


Everyone loves a delicious and aromatic strawberry berry. This is probably the most demanded berry in the sales market. At the very beginning of the season, all the counters are full of bright and fragrant fruits. Varietal variety allows you to grow strawberries, which will appeal to the most fastidious consumer. Variety varieties such fragrant delicacies are many - Onda, Aprica, Accept and others. One of the popular and popular varieties is the strawberry Jolie, which is described below.

Brief description of strawberry varieties Jolie

Variety Jolie refers to non-repair varieties. It is derived for commercial purposes. This variety was obtained by crossing varieties Clery and Darselekt. The result was quite profitable variety of strawberries. Such a successful result belongs to the Italian breeders.

Jolie is able to bear fruit and develop in any soil, like any other variety.

Jolie refers to a medium-sized view. Crop begin to collect in mid-June. Active fruiting does not last long: three weeks. But the yield is high. For one season, 800-1000 grams of sweet and aromatic berries are harvested from one bush.

The bush is strong, rather large in size, there are lots of leaves of bright green color on it. Peduncles tall and powerful. Throws a large number of antennae, which successfully reproduces. The root system is big and strong, very viable.

The berries are large in the shape of a cone. The largest weighs 40 grams. Such large fruits are observed in the midst of fruiting, then gradually shrink. Berries of a bright scarlet color, without voids inside, elastic and dense, very fragrant, taste sweet with pleasant sourness. Well tolerated transportation, long enough stored.

The variety is drought-resistant and has improved adaptive capabilities, thanks to which it survives well in different climatic conditions. Jolie is very popular in Europe, where it is grown on an industrial scale. In our country, despite its recent appearance, such a berry for several seasons, confidently holds leadership positions.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

This variety has great advantages, it is:

  1. Elevated yield.
  2. Excellent preservation trade dress in the long period of transportation.
  3. Long shelf life.
  4. Good adaptation.
  5. Drought tolerance.
  6. Great taste qualities.
  7. Simplicity in the care.
The yield of strawberries Jolie is very high and stable

Deficiencies in this class have not yet been able to detect. The only disadvantage is its not too long fruiting period.. Although this is all conditional. After all, varieties with a long fruiting period, have a much lower yield.

Landing rules

Before embarking on planting strawberries, it is necessary to determine the site. The beds must be located on a fairly lighted area, but without drafts.. You can not plant this variety of berries on wet constantly wet areas, as the variety is drought-resistant, and does not like excessive moisture. It is also not recommended to plant Jolie on overly acidic soil.

Before planting, strawberry roots are kept in water for at least 2-3 hours.. Each bush must be carefully considered and inspected for damage. The length of the root processes should not exceed 10 cm.

When to land

You can plant a plant in early spring and early autumn.

If you plant strawberries in autumn, you need to do this as early as possible, preferably in late August - early September, in order for the plant to take root well before the first frost.

Soil preparation

Before planting, they dig up the plot and feed the earth with organic fertilizer. Then do the holes. The shrubs of this species are rather large, they tend to intensively tendrils, therefore the distance between the holes must be at least 30 cm.

The scheme of planting strawberries Jolie

You can plant bushes in a staggered manner. Seedlings are planted in the hole, sprinkled with earth and a little tamped, then watered abundantly. You can add a layer of mulch on top, which is suitable as straw, sawdust, peat, dry leaves.


This variety is very unpretentious, and has great adaptive capabilities. But, like every plant, this variety requires the simplest care measures.

Top dressing

For Jolie variety it is very important to make mineral fertilizers.

Top dressing should be done in early spring, during the formation of ovaries. Feed strawberries with mineral fertilizers. Without these measures, the plant, of course, will not disappear, and will bear fruit, but the yield will be significantly lower. Particularly in need of fertilizer, strawberries planted on poor and unproductive soil, on such grounds, without timely fertilizers, the plant can get chlorosis.


Strawberry Jolie refers to moisture-loving plants, but you should not allow the presence of standing water.

Watering strawberries better drip way, not allowing stagnant water. Watering should be done as needed.based on weather conditions.

Care before the autumn-winter period

For the prevention of fungal infections, in the fall it is necessary to remove all dry leaves.

For additional education of antennae, some uterine bushes can be separated.. The remaining antennae must be removed, otherwise they will take power from adult plants, and the yield will drop significantly.

Before the onset of winter, it is necessary to use a shelter in the form of vegetable mulch or agrofabric.

In regions where the winter is snowy and the frost is not high, Jolie is able to winter well without additional shelters. But if the winter is frosty and snowless, it is necessary to cover the site with agrofibre, straw, wrap.

Under the shelter, it is necessary to periodically inspect the site and let it air out, otherwise excessive condensate can cause fungal diseases.


The peculiarity of this variety is its resistance to diseases and pests. But still, strawberries can damage strawberry mites and aphids. Bordeaux liquid successfully copes with this problem. well and if the strawberry was struck by a nematode, spotting or powdery mildew, the infected bushes must be removed, and the entire area treated with fungicides.

Strawberry Jolie with proper and timely care will not cause much trouble and in the summer you and your family will be provided with a sweet and fragrant delicacy.