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Detailed description and characteristics of potato varieties manifest


Potatoes are planted in Moscow, Orenburg, Pskov, Yaroslavl, Kaluga, Ivanovo, Vladimir regions, Krasnodar Krai, in Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Belarus. Potato cultivar Manifesto bred in Belarus, the description and characteristics of which can be found below. In 2014, it was included in the State Register of breeding achievements of the Russian Federation.

General information about potato Manifesto

Variety description

Potatoes Manifesto is a mid-early table variety

Bushes can be both medium and high, in height about 50 cm. They are semi-upright. The bushes are medium-sized leaves, bright green, smooth, open, glossy.. The edges of the leaf blade have a weak waviness. Flowers bluish-purple.

Characteristic varieties from Belarus

Potatoes are immune to cancer and the golden nematode. He has an average resistance to late blight. High resistance to mosaic and leaf curling. In addition, the tubers appear very early. The variety is drought resistant. Potatoes are stored for a sufficient amount of time. When stored for a long time does not germinate. When cooking the tubers do not boil soft. Type of cooking. AB.

Morphological features

This is a medium early variety. He is a dining destination.From germination to harvesting potatoes, it takes 90-110 days. Compared with other medium-early varieties, this potato is the most fruitful.

165-350 centners are harvested per hectare, and in the most fruitful years - 410. The number of tubers per bush is 11-15.

Economic and biological characteristics and description

Potato Flowers Manifesto

Tubers are oblong-oval. They have small eyes. Reddish skin is very dense, so the potato is resistant to mechanical damage. The pulp is creamy. Mass of one tuber - 105-135 g. Starch content - 11-15%. The taste is wonderful. Marketability of potatoes 79-97%. Their deadliness is 94%. In cool rooms, tubers are stored for 6 months.

Grade Reviews

Svetlana, Yaroslavl region. When planting I collect large yields of potato Manifesto. Love the taste. Its good to add to salads and soups.

How to grow potatoes

Step by step procedure for growing seed varieties

  1. Gather ripe potatoes. They are wrapped in gauze and hung in a well-lit and warm room. When the berries ripen and will be softer and lighter, they take out the seeds from them. The seeds are washed and dried, then laid out in bags and stored until spring.
Ground Fruits Potato Manifesto
  1. Before planting, the seeds are placed in water for 2 days.. During the daytime, the tank in which the seeds and water are kept is left in the room, and at night they are placed in a refrigerator with a temperature of + 1 ° C. When the seeds begin to germinate, they are sown. It is best to sow in late March or early April.
  2. In the boxes poured the substrate of 1 part of the earth, 4 parts of peat. All this is plentifully watered..
  3. Seeds piled in rows, while leaving a row of 10 cm.
  4. Above the seeds are powdered with a 0.5 cm layer of sand. Sand slightly tamped.
  5. Boxes with seeds cover film or glass. They are placed in a warm room. Do not forget to moisten the soil and air landing, opening the boxes every day for half an hour.
  6. Sprouts appear in 1-2 weeks. When 2 true leaves grow, they dive. Replant them in small plastic cups, which make holes for drainage. Can be seated in peat pots. Do not forget to constantly water sprouts. The seedling should stand in a well-lit place, and the air temperature should not fall below + 10ºС.
  7. When the seedlings grow, her planted in the beds. This is done when the threat of frost has passed, that is, at the end of May.
  8. Dig holes to a depth of 10 cm. Between the holes indented to 35 cm, and between the rows of 70 cm. 300 grams of humus are poured into one well and 0.5 liters of water are poured. The seedling is placed in the hole, covered with soil, while the top of the stem with 3 leaves remains on the surface.

When and how to plant a manifesto

In the autumn, scatter on the future landing site 5-9 kg of humus per 1 m², then dig the soil to the depth of a shovel. Remove weeds, plant roots.

4 weeks before planting, select the tubers that are in the dry cellar. Put the potatoes in the boxes and set the boxes in the sun. From time to time, spray the tubers with water.

When planting the prepared planting material should be placed potato tubers with the most equal depth

Potatoes fit light breathable land. It is better to plant it in black soil, carbonate, chestnut soil. Soil acidity is preferred medium.

The tubers are planted in the soil, which is heated at a depth of 10 cm to a temperature of +8 ° C. The temperature can be measured with a conventional thermometer. If planted in the ground, which has a lower temperature, the potato can infect rhizoctoniosis. But if you linger on planting for a week, the harvest will be 7-8% less. Landing time is usually the beginning of May.

When planting, the tubers are placed in the wells that are at the same level - the holes are dug 10 cm deep, then the shoots will be uniform.

Plant tubers at the same distance, 40 cm between the holes and 70 cm between the rows, then the potatoes will be evenly lit.

Care rules


Watering is done if necessary. It is better to produce rare, but very abundant watering.especially when the bushes are blooming.


With the height of the potato topper Manifesto 15-18 cm, it is necessary to carry out deep cultivation and hilling

When tops grow to 15-18 cm, then you need to pile up the landing. After 14 days, roll up again. Be sure to weed ridge, pull out weeds.


If organic matter (humus, rotted manure) was not applied in the fall when digging or in spring when planting, then you can feed the potatoes with rotted manure or bird droppings diluted in water, since tuber crops need a large amount of nutrients in the ground. When the bushes are 8-10 cm tallthen dilute 1 part of the manure with 10 parts of clean water, if you have rotted manure, then dilute 1 part of the manure with 8 parts of water. Pour into a mixture of 1 tbsp. spoon superphosphate. When hilling a top dressing make it under the roots, make sure that the top dressing does not get on the tops.

Diseases and pests

This variety can attack the potato moth. To eliminate pests, the bushes are sprayed with Dendrobacillin, Bitoxibacillin, Enterobacterin. Help these drugs and the attack of other insects.

Potato Tubers Manifesto struck by potato moth caterpillars

Potato Manifesto is easy to grow. It has a good presentation. It is easy to transport. Tubers can be stored for a long time.It is difficult to damage them mechanically.